Amber Rose Debuts New Forehead Tattoo & Fans React – ‘She’s Too Pretty For That’

Amber Rose shocked fans on Feb. 7 when she showed off a new forehead tattoo in a photo she posed for with a fan.

Amber Rose
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Amber Rose, 36, made heads turn on Feb. 7 when she stepped out in public with a brand new forehead tattoo! The gorgeous model’s bold art could be seen in an Instagram photo she posed in with a fan and once other fans took notice, they had a lot to say. In the photo, a smiling Amber can be seen standing near the fan with her proudly displayed tattoo, which appears to read her kids’ names, Bash (for her son Sebastian, 6,) and Slash (for her three-month-old son of the same name). She wore a long-sleeved black top with a plunging neckline and black leather pants. In the caption for the photo, which was taken the Dolls Kill store, the fan shared a story that revealed Amber’s generosity.

“I was just shopping at @dollskill and my card declined bc I forgot to tell my bank I was leaving the state. I walked away to call them and the cashier walked up to me with my bag and said ‘This is for you from Amber Rose.’ LA is WILD y’all,” it read.

Once the pic and story were posted, it didn’t take long for followers on Instagram and Twitter to respond with their opinions. “Holy f*ck. That’s pretty damn rad,” one follower wrote while another asked what kind of tattoos she had on her forehead. Others didn’t take too well to the tattoo and thought it was a bit much. “Omg plsss let that forehead tattoo Amber Rose got be fake .. like girl nooo not your face,” one tweet read. “Amber Rose got 2 tattoos on her forehead. Pretty face ruined. Wow. Smh lol,” another read.

Since Amber is known for her love of body art, it’s not too surprising that she would have another tattoo, but the placement of it is certainly impressive! She has yet to comment on the responses.

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