Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Favorite Cheat Meal & That Stormi, 2, Actually Dreams About Bagels — Watch

Kylie Jenner's cheat meal is so tempting, she had to order it 'at least once a week' while she was pregnant with Stormi Webster. Even Stormi has her own favorite food, judging by her sleep talk!

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Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster
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Kylie Jenner, 22, and her daughter Stormi Webster, 2, have yet another thing in common: they’re both “hangry” gals! The mother-daughter duo love food, and Kylie dived into extensive detail about her daily meals and guilty pleasures in a video for Harper’s Bazaar’s “Food Series” YouTube segment, after her photo shoot for the magazine. Among her many food-related revelations — for instance, Kylie drinks two giant jars of bone broth a day — she also revealed her favorite cheat meal. That would be In-N-Out’s double cheese burger with “just special sauce and grilled onions” — either protein style or “not, depending on the mood” — well done fries and a Coke.

“It’s just for me. When I was pregnant I had to eat In-N-Out at least once a week. It was a problem,” Kylie confessed as she reflected on her pregnancy cravings before welcoming Stormi in Feb. 2018. Aside from munching on fast food burgers, Kylie also admitted to being a “big snacker.” Barbecue flavored Lay’s chips, chili cheese flavored Fritos, and Pepperidge Farm’s extra cheesy Goldfish are all among Kylie’s snack vices.

Meanwhile, Stormi hankers for a much different type of snack: bagels! “Stormi and I usually eat our breakfast together. She likes fruit, blueberries…she loves turkey bacon. She loves bagels,” Kylie revealed in the video. But the Kylie Cosmetics CEO didn’t realize the true extent of Stormi’s affinity for bagels until eavesdropping on her toddler’s sleep talk! “Actually, the other night — I always wonder, ‘What does this little girl dream about?’ And we were sleeping and she woke up out of her sleep and said, ‘Bagel‘…I was like, ‘Is she asleep right now?” Kylie looked over to find Stormi “dead asleep” and, yes, “dreaming about bagels.”

Kylie didn’t just chat about food with Harper’s Bazaar, though — although she and Stormi posed with cakes, macaroons, strawberries and more pink-themed goodies for their Marie Antoinette-themed photo shoot in the magazine! For her March 2020 cover story, Kylie admitted that she “definitely” feels the “pressure to give [Stormi] a sibling,” although “there’s no plan” at the moment. And as for the father of Stormi, Travis Scott, 28, Kylie revealed that she has “such a great relationship” with the rapper and that they’re “like best friends” after their split was reported in Oct. 2019.