‘AGT: The Champions’ Recap: 6 Fan Fave Acts Move On To The Finals & 6 Are Eliminated

It's getting down to the wire! The 'AGT: The Champions' semi-finals sent 6 amazing acts to the season 2 finals, but that meant 6 others were eliminated.

Duo Destiny
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The AGT: The Champions semi-finals will feature 12 acts performing and only 6 moving on to the finals. The first act up is JJ Pantano. The adorable comedian makes jokes about Heidi Klum’s cougar ways, Howie Mandel trading Meghan Markle for Alesha Dixon, and more. Simon Cowell raves that JJ is “absolutely hilarious” and loves when JJ insults him.

Tyler Butler Figueroa hits the stage and performs a stunning rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.” He brings in a singer to take his performance to the next level. He earns a standing ovation. Simon believes that Tyler could very well win the competition and doesn’t think Tyler needs anything extra on stage with him. Howie calls the performance “absolutely beautiful, emotional, captivating.”

Marc Spellman invites Terry Crews on stage as part of his act. He gives Terry a mask and blindfolds him. His performance is good but not great. Heidi admits there was no wow moment for her. Simon says that it wasn’t a “progression up from where you were before.” On the other hand, Alesha says she loved it.

Duo Destiny returns to the stage with yet another sexy and jaw-dropping performance. Their aerial work is truly amazing and they take risks that wow everyone. Howie doesn’t think their latest performance was that different from their first. Alesha is shocked at Howie’s opinion. She thinks the performance was “outstanding.” Simon raves it was “brilliant.”

Hans isn’t going to let a red buzzer get him down. He performs a wild and unforgettable rendition of “Bang Bang” and it’s full of glitz and glam. Heidi clearly has a soft spot for Hans and tells him that she loves him in German. Alesha raves that Hans’ “presentation was the best by far.”

Magician Dania Diaz starts out her act by taking a selfie with the judges. She segues into her amazing card tricks and connects the photo to the cards at the end. Dania always has a story as well that moves people. Howie tells Dania that her act is “probably one of the most beautiful things he’s ever seen.” Duo Transcend stuns with a circus-themed performance. From their insane partner work to their jaw-dropping rollerskating, these two don’t hold back. “That duo just transcended,” Howie raves. Simon says the theme was “immaculate” and “this was everything but more than I could have ever hoped.”

Strauss Serpent has this amazing ability to wow and gross everyone out at the same time. This guy’s skills are insane. While Simon is not impressed, Heidi says Strauss is one of her “favorite acts.” Ryan Niemiller returns with more jokes but his delivery isn’t quite on par with past performance. Heidi and Simon both agree that this performance didn’t feel as fresh as his last one.

Alexa Lauenburger’s dog act is still the cutest thing ever. Alexa has incredible skills for being so young and her dogs are perfect. Simon raves that Alexa has the “best dog act I’ve seen by a mile.” Sandou Trio Russian Bar slays in one of the final performances of the night. Their stunts are truly out of this world. Howie is so impressed that he declares that this act should definitely be one of the 6 acts moving on to the finals.

The last act of the night is Marcelito Pomoy. His ability to go back and forth between tenor and soprano is always just astounding. Howie believes that Marcelito has the “best shot at winning this whole thing.” Heidi reveals that Marcelito is her favorite act! Simon loves what he hears but wants Marcelito to take a bigger risk if he makes it to the finals.

The 6 acts moving forward to the finals are: Hans, Tyler Butler Figueroa, Marcelito Pomoy, Alexa Lauenburger, and Sandou Trio Russian Bar. The final act moving on is decided by the judges. They choose Duo Transcend!

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