‘AGT: The Champions’ Recap: Alesha Dixon’s Golden Buzzer Act Leaves Her & Heidi Klum In Tears

The final week of performances before the 'AGT: The Champions' semi-finals brought new and fan fave acts to the stage. One act left Alesha Dixon so moved that she had to give them her Golden Buzzer.

AGT The Champions
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This is the last week of competition before next week’s AGT: The Champions semi-finals. Alesha Dixon has the Golden Buzzer this week and she’s ready to use it. The first act to perform in week 4 is dog act Christian & Percy. Christian competed on AGT in 2014. Christian performs acrobatic stunts with Percy alongside him. Percy is just a precious pup. Howie Mandel tells Christian that he was “better than you were” last time. Alesha raves that Christian & Percy are a “match made in heaven.”

Next up is Voices of Service. The season 14 finalists have come back for a second chance at winning it all. They perform a beautiful rendition of Kodaline’s “Brother.” Alesha raves that the performance was “beautiful.’ Simon Cowell adds that the performance “made me very emotional” and this was a “massive step up.”

JJ Pantano is only 7 years old and this is first time in America. He was a semi-finalist on Australia’s Got Talent. At first, everyone thinks he’s going to sing, but then he busts out snarky jokes about the judges. He definitely brings the laughs. Howie loves the little guy and his stage presence. Simon also notices the star power that JJ has.

Emil Rengle broke barriers on Romania’s Got Talent as the first openly gay person to appear on the show (and then win it) and he’s ready to do the same on AGT: The Champions. He steps out in a red latex bodysuit and heels before showing off his dance moves to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy.” During the performance, Simon presses his red buzzer and Howie follows soon after. Howie says, “I don’t know if this speaks to the level of talent in this competition.” Alesha defends Emil but Simon agrees with Howie that this “wasn’t the caliber to be the best of the best.”

The Silhouettes first competed on AGT in season 6 and now they’re back nearly 10 years later. There’s only one member from that original team that is on this current team. The shadow dance act tells a sweet and heartfelt story about a girl and her dog. Heidi Klum and Alesha are moved to tears by the performance. The Silhouettes receive a standing ovation. Simon calls the performance “absolutely beautiful” and “incredibly creative.” Howie admits that even he welled up with tears. Alesha raves that the performance was “so moving” and “so beautiful.” She decides to give the group her Golden Buzzer, sending them straight to the finals!

Brian King Joseph got third place on America’s Got Talent in season 13 but he feels it’s time to be #1. He has neuropathy but he’s not letting that stop him from achieving his dreams. He performs an original song and it’s absolutely electric. Simon says he was “blown away” but still thinks Brian is “capable of something so different that which you haven’t delivered yet which is going to change your life dramatically.” He adds that he thinks Brian is “one of the most talented musicians we’ve ever had on the show.”

Connie Talbot first competed on Britain’s Got Talent when she was 6 years old. She’s all grown up at 19 years old. She performs an original song for the judges and her voice is stunning. She earns a standing ovation. Heidi says everything about the performance was “beautiful” and Simon notes that she “nailed it.”

Sandou Trio Russian Bar didn’t win season 6 of America’s Got Talent and they haven’t forgotten about it. The trio has gone on to achieve major success with Las Vegas shows and being cast in The Greatest Showman. But they still have their eyes on winning AGT. The girl flips and lands on the bar with ease. She even tries it blindfolded and makes it look effortless. Howie raves that he “loved everything I saw.” Simon says, “I think this act had more relevancy than any other act we’ve seen on this show tonight…My absolute respect to the three of you.”

The next to last performance is Bars and Melody. The boys were finalists on Britain’s Got Talent. Their song is a total bop but their nerves get the best of them. Howie presses his red buzzer. He is not impressed at all. Alesha admits she noticed their nerves but she likes the song. The final act of the night is Strauss Serpent, the dancer and contortionist who won Africa’s Got Talent in 2017. During his performance, he bends his body in the craziest ways. It’s truly jaw-dropping. Alesha “loved it” but says it was “so painful to watch.” Simon says this was one of his “favorite acts tonight.”

The two acts moving forward after the votes are Strauss Serpent and Sandou Trio Russian BarIt’s down to JJ Pantano, Brian King Joseph, and Christian & Percy for the final spot. Howie goes with JJ, while Alesha chooses Brian. Heidi picks Christian & Percy. It’s all down to Simon. And he chooses… JJ PANTANO!

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