J.J. Watt Gets Pampered With Olay Eye Masks In Football Sketch On ‘SNL’

Handsome J.J. doesn't roll out of bed just looking pretty! The Houston Texan revealed his pre-game beauty ritual in this hilarious 'SNL' sketch.

J.J. Watt, 30, just slayed his SNL debut! The Houston Texan kept the laughs coming in this football inspired sketch, just a day before the Super Bowl. While training and exercise may be top of mind for most athletes, for J.J., it’s also about “looking your best!” It turns out the handsome NFL pro doesn’t just roll out of bed looking that good, and has a whole beauty routine that includes taking care of his skin. “And you can’t look your best when you have tired, puffy under eyes!” Well, we aren’t going to disagree there — but we definitely weren’t expecting the next shot! Just like every gal on Instagram, J.J. placed two under eye masks on his face. “That’s why I use Oil of Olay Eye Blacks!” he confidently continued, which come in a “big black tub.” Of course, the beautifying eye masks were a play on the commonly seen pieces of tape or “eye blacks” seen on football players, believed to reduce glare during play.

“Your skin looks AMAZING!” a player gushed mid-play. “My skin luminosity is off the charts!” an excited J.J. continued, noting that even “guys can” do it! “This isn’t gay, right?” a fellow user asked J.J.,  who confirmed it’s “gay enough.” The scent for his go-to beauty product? Jack Daniels, gasoline, and “a little bit of matcha extract.” We aren’t quite sure about that concoction of scents — or what his fiancee Kealia Ohai might think — but J.J.’s enthusiasm just about sold us. “Oh, hell yeah!” his buddy added, as J.J. explained that matcha was actually “green tea.”

Anticipation has been building for J.J.’s appearance, as he’s only the 11th NFL player to host SNL — and the 27th pro-athlete overall! “SNL!!!! I can’t even pretend to hide my excitement about this haha!” he enthusiastically tweeted on Jan. 21. “This is something truly special and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity from Lorne and everyone involved at @nbcsnl. New York City let’s have some fun!!!” And it looked like he was having a blast!

The football star shared several posts leading up to the big night, including his very own set tour during rehearsals. “What’s going on! I’m J.J. Watt, and I’m here on the set of SNL — make sure you tune in this Saturday night” he said in a Twitter video as he filmed himself on the iconic stage. Though J.J. has done a few acting bits in the past — including an appearance in Bad Moms and a cameo as himself on New Girl — getting ready for SNL proved to be a whole new challenge. “So I know what you’re thinking, ‘football player on SNL, this guys’ just going to try and be funny, kind of a meathead’ — no, you know what I did all today? Read scripts. All of these,” he said in another Twitter video, holding up a massive pile of sketch scripts! “Hilarious, by the way, these writers are unbelievable — this — this was my day today,” he continued, once again holding the massive pile.

J.J. also kept the laughs coming in a promo with SNL cast member Kyle Mooney. Strolling down a hallway, the short video featured the two engaging in a little office small tank. “It’s so awesome to be hosting this week!” an excited J.J. exclaims to Kylie, who lets him know the cast is “excited” to have him. “So…football, huh?” Kyle casually says to J.J., before things to a not-so-friendly turn. “Think fast!” Kyle suddenly yells as he tosses a water bottle over to the host, explaining he just wanted to see how fast his reflexes were! After Kyle gets hit in the head, the two “hug it out” — do we sense a bromance? “Showtime, baby,” Kyle announces at the end of the promo.

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