Jason Momoa Reveals Balding Head & Weak Arms In Wild Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Ad

Hollywood hunk Jason Momoa made light of his buff body and long mane of hair in the Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl LIV ad. He revealed he has a scrawny figure and bald head, mocking his image.

Who needs the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs when you can see Jason Momoa naked in a bathtub? At least, that’s what  Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans was promising in the lead-up to their Super Bowl LIV commercial. Bless their hearts for attempting to bring some lacking sex-appeal to getting a mortgage. In the full ad, airing Feb. 2, the See star talked about how good it felt to be in the comfort of his own home. But as he made his way through his house, he began to reveal his “real” looks, showing that he’s BALD!

After dodging paparazzi, he began to relax inside his home, kicking off his boots. Jason said how home is the one place, “I can let my guard down.” Then he ripped off prosthetics from his buff arms to show scrawny limbs, waxing about he can “be myself.” Next he took off his black t-shirt and showed off his super buff Aquaman chest. But in the sanctity of his house, he tore off prosthetics to show he’s really just a scrawny guy with no abs. Then he sat down on his sofa to kick back..Jason whipped off his famed long, thick mane of brunette hair to reveal that he’s bald on top, with just strands of brown hair on the sides of his head. Fans went wild on Twitter, calling the ad’s surprise “body reveal” one of the best commercials of the night.

“You’ve seen him as a superhero, a warrior, and an outlaw,” the Aquaman star said in the first teaser for the ad. “But you’ve never seen Jason Momoa like this.” It’s right – we haven’t.  Especially scrawny and bald! We’ve never seen Jason Momoa, in a bathrobe, speaking into a pink hairbrush like it was a microphone. Follow-up teasers saw Jason Momoa “get comfortable at home,” which included him giggling while taking a bubble bath. Yes, a shirtless (naked?) Jason Momoa gets a child-like glee out of bubbles.

He also used the bubble bath as a chance to catch up with his reading. The Justice League star flipped through the pages of Standing In Front Of A Sunset by Michael Corbeille. The model on the front of that romance novel looked suspiciously like Jason. “It’s getting juicy,” Jason said to the camera. Additional teasers saw him find out how fun it is to say his last name, and him teasing his dog after making a bubble beard. “Been an epic week but we’re just getting started. Can’t wait for everyone to see me #getcomfortable on Sunday,” Jason captioned the final teaser.

Quicken Loans, along with its 300-person in-house marketing team, worked with the Chicago-based agency High Dive on the spot. It was the first time Quicken Loans worked with the agency, and it seems to be a match made in heaven. “They pitched us this idea very early on with Jason in it; we fell in love,” he said. When the company reached out to Momoa, he also “fell in love” with the idea, according to Quicken Loans CMO Casey Hurbis.

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