Charlie Day & Emily Hampshire Air Their Dirty Laundry In Tide Super Bowl Commercial — Watch

Being in two of the funniest shows on TV can be messy work. But Charlie Day and Emily Hampshire are stepping in to take care of it with Tide!

Charlie Day of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Emily Hampshire of Schitt’s Creek are ready to remove some stains from their lives. But don’t worry, it’s just from their clothes. The pair appeared in Tide’s 2020 Super Bowl ad and were poised to get their garments looking good as new! As soon as Emily swathed some game day food onto Charlie’s shirt, Tide was called in for some help. Of course, Charlie couldn’t decide when to wash his shirt, leading him on a spiral! Rest assured, though, Tide was there to save the (game) day when ever Charlie was ready to wash his white shirt…preferably later.

Prior to starring in the advert, Emily and Charlie teased the commercial with an equally hilarious clip. The comical duo sat on a couch, introduced themselves, and went right into their closet — sort of. Charlie and Emily started pulling shirts, sweaters, and apparel from their personal trove that needed a bit of spot check. Charlie, himself, had a slew of shirts from an establishment called “Walt’s,” which Emily was ready to call out. The Schitt’s Creek star, though, had a small sweater of her own, which she quipped belonged to her ex husband, when it clearly was a dog sweater…maybe. We might launch an investigation into this one.

Tide commercials have become a staple of the Super Bowl. Who could forget Stranger Things star David Harbour‘s uproarious turn in the Tide campaign from 2018? It was a major hit, and now, Charlie and Emily are ready to take on the mantle!

Besides Emily and Charlie’s turn in the Tide ad, Super Bowl 54 features a ton of new commercials strewn throughout the big game. Back on the field, however, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs duke it out in the NFL’s biggest game of the year. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira make for an explosive halftime show, and so much more will be going down on Feb. 2. To stay in the know, keep checking in with HollywoodLife!

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