Amber Rose & Blac Chyna: How They Repaired Their Friendship – ‘They Couldn’t Stay Mad’

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna delighted fans on Jan. 29 when they publicly supported each other on social media for the first time in over a year and we've EXCLUSIVELY learned why they mended their friendship.

Blac Chyna, Amber Rose
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Amber Rose, 36, and Blac Chyna, 31, gave their followers a pleasant surprise when they recently took to social media to support each other through messages after a longstanding feud and now we’re learning exactly why they decided to let go of the drama and embrace each other once again. “Amber and Chyna are alike in so many ways that they let their strong personalities get in the way of their friendship. But when it comes down to it, the love they have for each other never went away,” a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife. “They both really missed each other and at the end of the day, they put their pride aside and realized their friendship was more important than their pride.”

Amber was the first to post a supportive message to Blac by giving her a shout-out when she reposted a pic that showed Blac getting a massage treatment on Jan. 29. “Wow look at my Girl Chyna’s body from going to @thetoxla @thetoxnyc!!! I can’t wait to get my treatment! 😍🔥❤️,” her message read. Blac was quick to respond with several heart emojis and fans then replied with excitement in the comments.
Although this all happened in the past few days, it turns out Amber and Blac rekindled things a while ago and have already hung out with each other’s kids multiple times before they took to social media. “They’ve hung out several times and had playdates with their kids together,” the source said. “Amber and Sebastian [Amber’s six-year-old son] have gone over to Chyna’s house and had a lot of fun with Cairo [Blac’s seven-year-old son] and Dream [Blac’s three-year-old daughter]. They are really like sisters and it’s like no time had passed. They picked up where they left off and they never want to let anything like that happen again. It’s all love.”
In addition to missing and loving each other, it turns out the birth of Amber’s second child, son Slash, in Oct. 2019, helped her and Blac realize they wanted to mend things. “Chyna and Amber have been friends for so long, they couldn’t stay mad at each other forever. It was actually the birth of Amber’s son back in October that was the catalyst for them mending fences,” another source EXCLUSIVELY told us. “They don’t hang out anywhere near as much as before, they are both busy with their lives but the love is there and strong.”
Amber and Blac’s reconciliation comes after they had a falling out sometime between Aug. and Oct. 2018. They never publicly spoke out about not being friends anymore, but after Blac didn’t show up to Amber’s annual SlutWalk – something she never missed in the past- that Oct., it was a clear indication something was amiss between them.

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