Kim Kardashian’s Kids Paint Their Faces To Look Like The Clown From ‘It’ & Her Couch Gets Ruined

Kim Kardashian's daughter North tried to paint her siblings' faces like the clown from 'It,' and in the process ruined her mom's expensive sofa with red lipstick stains.

Since Kim Kardashian has her own beauty company, naturally her kids are already curious when it comes to using makeup. Her six year-old daughter North decided to play professional movie makeup artist on her siblings, sister Chicago, 2, and brother Saint, 4. Apparently Kim has allowed North to watch the scary clown horror flick It, or at least she’s seen pictures of Pennywise to know how to mimic the facial paint.

“So North decided to attempt to do makeup like the It clown,” the 39-year-old shared in an Instagram story on Jan. 20. Next up in the stories was a picture of little Chicago’s face with bright red makeup underneath her eyes and on the tip of her nose. Her lips were painted a darker red with fire-engine red lines coming out of both corners of her mouth. It looks like North used  a bright red lipstick to decorate her sister’s face like Pennywise. In a later pic, North added lines coming up from above Chi’s eyes.

Chicago wasn’t alone in North’s makeup mission. While Chi looked a little confused, Saint had a great big smile on his face with his Pennywise makeup job in another IG story photo. He got the lines coming out of the corners of his mouth and above his eyes, but North went a little easier on her little brother. Like Chi, he got a big red dot on the tip of his nose, but was spared any makeup on his lips.

North did her own makeup job, but she gave herself a lighter touch. She had a red dot above her right eye and one below her left. She painted her lips a bright red and had two lines of makeup dripping downwards out of the bottom of her lip. Either she hadn’t finished trying on the full It clown look when the photo was taken, or she just wanted to try something different on herself.

The main victim of North’s makeup spree on her siblings was Kim’s pristine off-white sofa. She shared a photo of Chi standing next to it in full makeup, with a big red stain across the seat. “My couch,” Kim wrote beneath the photo, along with a broken heart and crying face emojis. Oh well, with the millions she’s raking in from KKW beauty, she can surely find a pro to get the stain out, or just buy a new one!

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