Miley Cyrus Coping With Upcoming Liam Hemsworth Divorce By Pouring Her Heart Into New Music

Miley Cyrus isn't wallowing as her divorce from Liam Hemsworth nears finalization. Instead, she's focusing on self-care, her relationships, and making new music, we've learned exclusively!

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Miley Cyrus, 27, is happy as can be in her new relationship, but that doesn’t mean she’s not mourning what could have been. The “Mother’s Daughter” singer’s divorce from Liam Hemsworth, 30, is about to be finalized soon, and while she’s “coping” with the situation well, “there are still emotions to process,” a source close to Miley says. “It’s not something she can get over instantly,” the source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. And that’s absolutely understandable. Miley and Liam were together for the better part of a decade, and married for eight months, before he filed for divorce in August 2019. You don’t just get over that overnight. But, Miley’s found a healthy outlet for taking her mind off her worries: music and self-care!

“Instead of running from her feelings, she’s made a very conscious decision to slow her pace down and take the time to face them,” the source divulged. “She does yoga [and] pilates every day, meditates, and writes in her journal; she’s taking good care of herself in every way.” They added that Miley hasn’t been partying, but just having “low-key” hangouts with her friends. And, she has apparently spent the past few weeks in her “happy place,” the studio, working on music! Having a supportive boyfriend in Cody Simpson, 23, is helping her, as well. The couple, who were friends for years, have been making music together, a separate source confirmed to HollywoodLife in December. Loving Cody has inspired her to “write more,” the source said, adding that Cody’s passion for poetry is getting her inspired again, which is “huge, because it’s almost like speaking another language [that] connects them on a deep level.”

“Cody has been a rock for [Miley] and her family has been so important as well” during her healing process,” another insider told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “‘Just being Miley’ isn’t just a song lyric; it’s a way of life. She plays by her own drum and has gone through every emotion you can with this divorce. She’s definitely getting there by focusing on her overall well-being.” The first source chimed in: “Her family is very proud of her for making such healthy choices.”

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