John Cena & Justin Bieber: Why The WWE Would Love To Get Them In The Ring Together

Is the next great WWE Superstar…Justin Bieber? After John Cena called out the ‘Yummy’ singer, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that the WWE really wants to see Cena take on the Biebs at WrestleMania.

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When John Cena, 42, steps into the ring at WrestleMania 36, will it be to take on Justin Bieber? It might be if the WWE gets its way. After John threw down the gauntlet, many have wondered if a Cena vs. Biebs match could actually happen. Turns out, it’s something that the WWE has been trying to put together for quite some time. “For a while, years even, the WWE and Bieber have talked about doing something with each other,” a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “They have wanted [Justin] to sing, and they have wanted him to do a match at one of their big PPVs. Unfortunately for all involved, one thing or another has thwarted it from happening.”

“Scheduling, money, timing and a hundred other things have got in the way,” the source tells HollywoodLife, “but for this upcoming WrestleMania, writers for the WWE have brought up to Cena a few ideas that would include Bieber. They wanted to see if John would be interested in getting in the ring for a segment or a tag team match with Justin.” The source says that the 16-time WWE World Champion “is on board,” so now the WWE will “take their ideas to Justin and his team.”

“The WWE has been floating ideas to John for the last few months,” the source adds. “[The WWE] think it would be great if Cena did something with Justin because it would literally go everywhere and be a huge viral moment. WrestleMania, in the past, has had hosts of celebrities from Snooki to Kim Kardashian, and everyone in the WWE thinks it would be a great idea to get Justin and John to do something. It also has been thought that it would add to the promotion for Bieber’s upcoming tour and music and Cena’s work on the next Fast & Furious. So, everyone would win.”

This is one of the reasons behind Justin and John “going back and forth online and poking fun at each other,” says the source. “Not only because it is fun, but because they are trying to actually put something together to do some sort of segment at WWE’s biggest show of the year. Everyone hopes that an idea can be agreed upon, so an amazing WrestleMania moment happens and can be seen and enjoyed forever.” The insider says that discussion has started, but “nothing is set in stone.”

In addition to challenging Justin during the Jan. 15 episode of The Talk, John doubled-down during that day’s episode of Entertainment Tonight. “Okay, Bieber, listen up. If you want to tussle with the great John Cena, I will ripe off your [bleep], do a month’s worth of leg days and hand it back to you so you can walk around like Justin Bieb-dashian! You don’t want any of this. You still can’t see me, son!” After this, John seemed to snap back, asking, “Sorry, what happened? I blacked out for like 60 seconds there.”

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