Kelly Ripa Gets Cozy In Bed With Ryan Seacrest & Jerry O’Connell Live On TV — Watch

Kelly Ripa enjoyed a snuggle session with her co-host Ryan Seacrest and their special guest, Jerry O'Connell, in bed on the set of her talk show! She was treated to a pleasant surprise after Jerry hopped out of the sheets.

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Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, Jerry O'Connell
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Kelly Ripa, 49, found herself in bed between two men that were NOT Mark Consuelos, 48: Ryan Seacrest, 45, and Jerry O’connell, 45! The threesome tucked themselves in between the sheets on set of Live with Kelly and Ryan on Jan. 16, and nap time turned a little intimate when Kelly started going through the motions of regular bedtime with her husband. “I’m not kidding…Because I’m such a creature of habit I got in the bed…and Mark sleeps on the left so I was rubbing my legs up against Jerry,” Kelly amusingly revealed in a behind-the-scenes video shared to Twitter. The talk show host was still in bed with Jerry and Ryan as she said this, and the special guest had a very special surprise.

Jerry later hopped out of bed, and lo and behold, it was like a scene out of Risky Business: he was pantsless. This was news to Kelly, who was fully dressed in a satin pajama set and proceeded to double over in shock. Later, she exclaimed, “No wonder he was so horrified that I was rubbing up against him! I was touching his naked legs with my satin legs!” Surprised, Jerry asked, “Couldn’t you tell!?” Kelly replied with an emphatic “no” — nap time got a little too intimate.

Jerry really committed to his Risky Business image, because during the live show, the Sliders star slid right across the stage — much to Kelly and Ryan’s delight. But Kelly, Ryan and Jerry weren’t just dressed in their PJs for the fun of it. The trio was actually taping a special segment called “RESTolutions,” during which Dr. Michael Breus, author of The Power of When: Discover Your Chronotype–and the Best Time to Eat Lunch, Ask for a Raise, Have Sex, Write a Novel, Take Your Meds, and More, came on the show to offer sleep advice. It turns out you should be waking up at the same time each day.

Despite Kelly’s leg rubbing against Jerry, the All My Children alum is very much loyal to her husband, Mark. They have been married since 1996, but still act like they are twenty-somethings in the honeymoon stage. Kelly even called her hubby “daddy,” twice, in an affectionate shout-out on Instagram on Jan. 9. We know whose bed Kelly returns to each night: hers and Mark’s!

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