Jamie Foxx Does Spot-On Impression Of Jay-Z On ‘Ellen’ — Watch

Jamie Foxx showed off his pitch perfect impression of rapper Jay-Z during the Burning Questions segment on 'Ellen' and Ellen DeGeneres was floored by his accuracy!

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Image Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Everyone knows Jamie Foxx is a phenomenal actor. But the Ray Oscar winner has a few, fun impressions that he likes to break out every now and then, too! On the Jan. 16 episode of Ellen, Jamie was put in the hot seat during the segment Burning Questions on Ellen DeGeneres‘s talk show. Although most of the questions were fairly innocuous at first, things got a little bit more personal when Ellen began asking Jamie if he was a part of the mile high club, what he wears to sleep, and even the last time he partied all night! While the results were wholly funny, nothing could beat the Just Mercy star’s impression of rapper Jay-Z.

Halfway through the bit, Ellen asked Jamie, “Who is your favorite celebrity to do an impression of? Let’s see it!” And Jamie totally delivered. “I’ll do the impersonation when Jay-Z was at my house,” the actor and recording artist shared. “No one knew who he was,” Jamie confessed of the moment the “Empire State Of Mind” rapper joined Jamie. “We were throwing a party for Puff [P Diddy] and I said, ‘Hey, man aren’t you…” before Jamie could trail off, he went right into the impression! Narrowing his voice to a far more nasal-like tone, Jamie did his impression to a tee. “Hey man nice party, it’s crazy,” he said in Jay-Z’s tone. Jamie even added the rapper’s laugh to the mix which totally put Ellen and her audience over the edge!

Jamie, who consistently provides laughs to fun sketches on talk shows really outdid himself this time around. But fans really do love his natural voice — whether he is singing or acting! And it won’t be long before fans can take the whole family to hear Jamie’s dulcet tones at the movies. The actor will lend his voice to the role of Joe Gardner in the Disney/Pixar animated feature Soul, which is slated for a June 2020 release! “A musician who has lost his passion for music is transported out of his body and must find his way back with the help of an infant soul learning about herself,” according to the film’s IMDb logline.

Jamie is no stranger to lending his dynamic vocal chords to various projects. He voiced the character Nico in the 2011 animated film Rio and the film’s subsequent 2014 sequel. He’s also voiced a character in the Netflix series Neo Yokio in 2018, which means he has more than enough practice to truly shine in Soul! Jamie currently stars in the incendiary film Just Mercy, alongside Michael B. Jordan, which is currently in theaters. With 2020 in full swing, we cannot wait to see more of the actor — and his impressions — in the future!

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