Jessica Simpson’s Nutritionist Shares The Exact Diet That Helped Her Lose 100 Lbs. So You Can Try It

Jessica Simpson has become an expert at dropping her baby weight fast. Now, her former diet coach Liz Josefsberg reveals the tips she shared with Jessica to help her slim down and keep it off.

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Jessica Simpson Diet
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Jessica Simpson, 37, welcomed baby number three, her daughter Birdie Mae Johnson, in March 2019 and famously dropped 100 pounds of baby weight in just six months. Of course, it wasn’t her first time dealing with postpartum weight loss. When she was slimming down after her first two kids — Maxwell, 7, and Ace, 6, — Jessica hired nutritionist Liz Josefsberg to help her learn how to eat right for her body.

The celebrity nutritionist, who spoke to HollywoodLife on behalf of CBDistillery, the line of CBD products she recommends to clients, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “During the time I worked with Jessica following the birth of her first two children, she was following Weight Watchers. She spent well over 6 months working off weight from her first and second pregnancies. She ate regular meals throughout the day. Usually three times and a snack. The key for Jessica was moderation and learning to indulge intelligently.”

Liz also revealed that Jessica drank “a lot” of water and explained why it’s so important when it comes to losing weight. “Hydration is a secret weapon for weight loss. In my book Target 100 I urge people to get in at least 100 ounces per day. Which might seem like a lot, but it is right for our bodies. Staying fully hydrated while losing weight is critical. Much of the overeating we do is mistaking thirst for hunger. If we can keep our bodies, which are made up of over 60% water, hydrated, they burn calories and metabolize food at an optimal rate!”

According to Liz another reason that Jessica is so successful at losing her baby weight is she’s found a simple way to get moving every day. “Jessica loves to walk. She gets out almost every day to hit at least 10,000 steps. She loves it because she can do it anywhere, she can do it with her family and it helped her lose weight after every baby.”

Liz, who works with clients across the country, has recently started using CBD, short for cannabidiol, in her practice and she explained to HL how it may help with weight loss. “In my experience CBD helps my clients feel less anxious and stressed out. It takes an edge off and relaxes them to begin to feel like they are more in control and can make better food decisions. Much of the overeating that my clients do is due to stress and anxiety.

Eating food releases serotonin to reduce stress in the moment. They have created bad habits around using food to reduce stress. If I can get them to take CBD regularly they report feeling much calmer and less stressed. Less stress equals less stress eating and therefore lower body weight! CBD can reduce muscle soreness. For my clients attempting to increase exercise to assist with weight loss, this can really help them as they push their bodies to new levels of exercise.

I also encourage clients to use CBD is for enhanced sleep. Getting better, more quality sleep leads to lower weight as well because when we don’t get good sleep and feel tired all the time, we tend to overeat to try and stay awake. If I can help get clients’ sleep in line they will start to see more weight loss results.”