‘Chicago P.D.’s Patrick Flueger: Ruzek Is Still ‘In Love’ With Burgess & Would Like To ‘Be A Family’

A decision will be made regarding Burgess and Ruzek's future on 'Chicago P.D.' Patrick Flueger spoke with HL EXCLUSIVELY about the prospect of Ruzek becoming a father, his hopes for Burzek, and more.

Chicago P.D.
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Burgess and Ruzek’s future is a little uncertain. Burgess has told Ruzek that she’s keeping the baby but what’s next? Is Burgess going to let Ruzek be involved? There are so many questions to be answered and Chicago P.D.’s Patrick Flueger revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that fans will learn what their future is going to look like during the Jan. 15 episode.

“I think that there’s definitely a conclusion of what this is going to look like,” Patrick told HollywoodLife. “I don’t necessarily think it’s a conclusion but some sort of resolve, whether that’s good or bad, I can’t tell you that. The audience will have an idea at the end of whether or not she’s going to keep giving him the cold shoulder. For good or for ill, there will be a resolution.”

Ruzek hasn’t really taken time to process the news about Burgess’s pregnancy and becoming a father. Ruzek and Burgess aren’t together at this moment but Patrick has hope that these two could find their way back to each other and be a family.

“It’s always been my internal dialogue that he’s never stopped being in love with her,” Patrick continued. “Even when he was with Hailey, that was two drunk adults that were friends who fell into bed together and then just kind of kept going. And then it kept going even further. It was never really right and they both knew it. They’re both kind of in love with other people, which happens sometimes. I think that’s where his head is at. I can’t speak for Burgess, but I think that he’d like to be a family. Do it the way he wished it had been when he was growing up. Not a broken home, not parents being separated, like a real mom and dad and the little kid.”

Ruzek has been supportive of whatever Burgess wants to do regarding the baby. Patrick walks us through Ruzek’s thought process about his approach. “I think that, no matter how it came across to the audience, he thought the most noble thing he could do was step back and say, ‘This is your decision. I’m not going to influence you either way,'” Patrick said. “I think he actually feels that way. Like if she decides not to keep it, we’ll be OK. And then she decides to keep it, we’ll figure it out. I think he’s very, very happy and I think he wants to be a part of it with her. But whether or not she’s going to let him be a part of it, that’s what the next episode is about.” Chicago P.D. season 7 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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