‘Chicago P.D.’ Boss Teases Burzek Will Be ‘Making Decisions,’ Voight’s Next ‘Right-Hand’ & More

The 'Chicago P.D.' fall finale is going to be a game-changer. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with EP Rick Eid about Upstead's 'strong feelings,' what's next for Burzek, and more.

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Jay Halstead finds himself in a very dangerous situation during the Nov. 20 fall finale of Chicago P.D. The rest of Intelligence goes all-out to find and save Halstead. This massive event will cause Upton’s feelings about Halstead to really come out. “I think they have real feelings for each other,” Chicago P.D. executive producer Rick Eid told HollywoodLife. “When Halstead goes missing in this episode, you’ll see Upton’s reaction to it and you’ll sense that it’s just a little bit different than the other detectives’ reactions. They all want to find Halstead. They all want to help Halstead, but there’s just something a little different with Upton and people can do the math.”

Rick wouldn’t say whether or not Halstead and Upton would enter into romantic territory. However, he stressed that they do have “really strong feelings for each other.” He added, “They haven’t gone there just yet because they work together and there’s always been complicating factors involved. You’ll get a sense of how Upton feels for Halstead and this episode definitely.”

A few episodes back, Burgess and Ruzek’s worlds were rocked when Burgess found out she is pregnant. Rick revealed there will be Burzek developments regarding this turn of events. “They will definitely be making decisions,” Rick said. “Ruzek is trying to be a good friend, a good father, but he knows that it’s ultimately Burgess’ decision and he’s trying to be respectful of what she wants to do. He’s trying to offer his opinions and he’s trying to involve himself. It’s a tricky situation because they’re not really together but decisions will be made.”

Could these two end up back together? “It’s possible,” Rick said. “I think these guys have really strong feelings for each other and always have. It’s always been complicated and things haven’t always worked out. So there’s a history and it’s just a question, can they get past the history?”

Rojas is new to Intelligence and we will get to know her more in the second half of the season. “We’ve got some interesting things planned for her,” Rick teased. He also said multiple episodes will “put her in the middle of the case and inform interesting things about her backstory and past.” After working with Atwater, some fans began shipping Rojas and Atwater. “I think it’s really to be determined,” Rick told HollywoodLife about the possibility of a romance between them. “I think they met in a fun, flirtatious way but they were both undercover so they both had plausible deniability about what was going on. While they’re not undercover and in their real lives, I think they definitely have a connection but they work together. She’s new so there are a lot of reasons not to act on any of this. We’ll see what happens.”

Rick did make sure to note that he doesn’t see most of Intelligence paired up romantically. “I don’t think that’s the show,” he said. “I think there are feelings. I think there are moments. There are desires. But how it all plays out is yet to be determined. A lot of it has to do with what feels interesting in the moment and in the storylines. Who’s got chemistry, who doesn’t have chemistry. I think the promise of the relationship and the buildup can be interesting as well to the actual relationship.”

On the Voight front, Rick teased that Voight’s “relationship with Upton is something to keep an eye on. In many ways, she’s sort of stepping into the role of Olinsky and becoming a real confidante and right-hand person to him. I think that’s an interesting relationship and then Upton, she’s beginning to step a little closer to where Voight lives, which I think the writers find interesting.” Chicago P.D. season 7 will return with new episodes in 2020.

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