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Selena Gomez Loudly Swears On TV While Touching Mealworms, Shower Hair & More: ‘I’m So Sorry’ — Watch

A certain four letter word slipped out of Selena Gomez's mouth on 'The Tonight Show,' which even caught the singer by surprise! You would swear, too, if you had to play the same terrifying game Selena was forced to.

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Selena Gomez
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It’s late night show protocol to not swear on television (or at least, try avoid to), a rule that Selena Gomez just broke! The 27-year-old singer had good reason to, though, on the Jan. 13 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — she was attacked by a stuffed animal. Okay, let’s backup: Selena was competing against host Jimmy Fallon, 45, in a game of Can You Feel It? As the name suggests, Selena and Jimmy were forced to touch not exactly pleasant objects (and organisms) in a glass box and take wild guesses at what they were probing.

It wasn’t the wet shower drain hair or LIVE mealworms that made Selena scream a word that wasn’t PG-friendly. That honor went to a toy bear that suddenly transformed into an evil puppet, which tried to “bite” Selena’s hand! “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE F–K,” Selena exclaimed, after incorrectly guessing the mystery item was her dog. Immediately realizing what she just said, Selena clutched her mouth, and later couldn’t stop apologizing: “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry!” No need to be sorry, Selena.

After Selena and Jimmy properly sanitized their hands, the discussion moved on to Selena’s new album, Rare, once she sat down for her interview with Jimmy. It turns out that “maybe there’s a few things” that didn’t make the cut for the final track list, including a song called “Boyfriend.” But the song won’t be stuck in Selena’s computer! “I can’t wait for people to hear that one,” Selena gushed, confirming that the song will one day make its public debut, after an unreleased track originally called “I Want a Boyfriend” was teased in Selena’s Jan. 2020 profile for Wall Street Journal.

Even while playing with mealworms, Selena still managed to look absolutely fabulous. She paid tribute to the ’60s with her flippy half-up, half-down hairdo, flirty fringe and cat eye, the same hairstyle the singer wore as she later headed to Nobu in New York City after taping The Tonight Show. However, she moved onto the next decade — the groovy ’70s — by changing out of her pink Miu Miu dress and Prada heels to instead wear flare jeans, a cream sweater and crocodile print booties for her sushi dinner.