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Meghan McCain: Whether She’ll Quit ‘The View’ After Volatile On-Air Arguments With Co Hosts

Meghan McCain's frequent on-air arguments with her co-hosts on 'The View' has caused a real 'strain' between them and it's fueling rumors that she's ready to step away from her job.

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Meghan McCain, 35, may get in a lot of passionate arguments with her co-hosts on The View but she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The daughter of the late John McCain, who is a proud conservative, is known for often disagreeing about important political issues with the rest of the women but it turns out she knows how to handle the heated discussions and is not letting the stress they may cause lead her to quit. She also doesn’t hate any of her co-hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg, 64, and Joy Behar, 77, who she often gets into verbal disputes with.

“The strain between Meghan and her co-hosts is as real as it gets but to use the word ‘hate’ that is being thrown around would be a little strong,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “No one might hang out after the show or do dinners and lunches afterwards but to hate someone, as has been said, over doing their job would be a stretch. Whoopi and the gang know how to separate it all when need be even though things do get heated. Since they all have differing points of view it quickly gets exaggerated under the lights and the cameras and things get very volatile fast and that is not something that is easy to handle or tolerate for anyone even though it might make good TV.”

One of Meghan’s latest on-air arguments happened on the Dec. 16 episode and led to her and Whoopi screaming at each other over their views on President Donald Trump‘s impeachment.  “Girl, please stop talking, please stop talking right now,” Whoopi shouted at Meghan after she tried talking over her co-hosts while they were discussing the issue. ”I won’t talk for the rest of the show,” a shocked Meghan responded.

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Despite the tension that can happen between Meghan and the show’s four hosts, including Sunny Hostin, 51, and Abby Huntsman, 33, there will be no replacements as of right now. “No one is going to be replaced or fired or quit right now,” the source explained. “It hasn’t gotten that far but there will be days that need to be taken off because at times it gets a little much. Meghan feels the stress and it feels like everything is put on her shoulders in a negative way and she feels she is the easy one to blame. They often need breathers from each other before another fight occurs, but as of right now, no one should be worrying about their jobs.”