Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau Spotted Shopping 6 Days After Announcing They’re ‘Taking A Break’

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau appeared to be in decent spirits, when they were spotted out and about shopping together after revealing they were taking a break from their marriage of only five months.

Although they are currently going through a difficult transition, Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau appear to still be maintaining their close bond. The pair were spotted out and about in Los Angeles barely a week after announcing that they were taking a break from their marriage. Both influencers, 22 and 21, respectively, dressed casual for their outing. Jake sported a white tank top that wholly showed off his tattoos while Tana fashioned her pink shirt as a crop top. The pair seemed to behave quite friendly with one another as they begin the process of taking stock of their relationship.

The former couple are stepping back from their whirlwind romance after shocking their fans with an engagement and Las Vegas wedding that spanned only a matter of weeks between June and July 2019. Jake and Tana took to their respective social media accounts to break the news, with the additive of good humor throughout. “Ok i don’t rly know how to do a ‘we’re taking a break’ post & this is weird as f–k… i’m happy to still be able to sit with Jake and laugh as we do this- but for right now we both are taking a break to focus on our own very crazy lives…,” Tana shared with her five million Instagram followers. It wasn’t exactly a conventional response to something that would seem heartbreaking, but even Jake took the decision with a dose of humor.

“As Tana and I sit next to each other writing captions about taking a break we’re literally laughing at how crazy and stupid the past couple months have been and cracking jokes at how silly this all seems,” Jake admitted in his Jan. 3 post. Although Tana and Jake approached the situation with positive attitudes, the YouTuber did admit in his post that it was all a bit “bitter sweet but it’s what’s best for us right now.”

jake paul tana mongeau
Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau were spotted shopping together in Los Angeles just days after announcing their split [KingJosh / SplashNews.com].
Even before the couple announced their split, though, it was clear the next-level of their relationship was taking a toll on Tana. “I’m so unhappy with the way my relationship with Jake looks in the public eye and I’ve done so much pretending that I don’t care what I do,” she confessed in a vulnerable video uploaded to her YouTube account on Dec. 30, titled “the truth about everything.” But even Tana felt it was a lingering feeling since the couple had gotten hitched. “I think the second he said, ‘I do,’ to me, he was like, ‘Now what?’ I think he was also over it. I don’t blame him, but it left me clinging, trying to make this work…Everything just started to fall apart.”

With their joint decision to take some time apart, however, Tana and Jake’s relationship seems to have been put on reset. And even Jake is a bit hopeful for the future now that they’re reassessing their relationship. When asked if any of his exes would appear at his next fight, Jake told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “You know, Tana and I just went through our break and I think she’s gonna come out to Miami to support, so she should be there and we’ll see what happens.”

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