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Alondra Ortiz Accuses Tre Carter Of Cheating After Confirming Split: ‘I’m Honestly Livid’ 

Just days after finally confirming her breakup from Tre Carter, YouTube star, AlondraDessy, took to Twitter to accuse her rapper ex of cheating -- and fans are going OFF on him for it!

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Alondra Ortiz — who is best known by her YouTube and social media name, AlondraDessy — has ended things with Tre Carter, and she has now publicly accused him of cheating on her. Fans were speculating for quite some time that the two had broken up, and Alondra confirmed the news in a YouTube video on Dec. 24. “Basically, we’ve been broken up for a while,” she admitted. The two went on an influencers’ trip to Montana in mid-December, but Alondra said they had already split at that time, which was just one month after they got engaged.

“Something happened right before the trip and after that I was like…absolutely not,” Alondra said in her YouTube video. “I’m not staying in this relationship and being disrespected. I honestly deserve more.” Well, now, it seems she’s expanding on what exactly went down that made her feel so disrespected by her ex. “I despise cheaters,” she tweeted on Dec. 26. “I’m honestly so disgusted. Don’t ever bring up my f***ing ex again.”

She continued in a series of tweets, “You settle for less and still get f***ed over. I don’t get it. The AUDACITY of some people….I’m honestly LIVID. How can you cheat on your “dream girl”? LOL I’M DOOOOOONE. God don’t like ugly. You’re only sorry you got caught. I hate when people act like the victim when everything was 100% their fault.”

Once Alondra went on her rant, she began getting major love from her fans on Twitter, who went off on Tre for allegedly cheating. One person wrote: “When you TRULY…TRULY love your partner, you don’t physically, mentally, verbally abuse them WHATSOEVER!” Another added, “Who in their right mind would let a girl like Alondra go by f***ing up and cheating?”

Meanwhile, in her YouTube video, Alondra also set the record straight regarding speculation that she was the one who cheated. She shut down Tre’s claims that she was dating one of her friends, Benny, and made it clear that she never even met him until the Montana trip — after she split from Tre. Check out the full video above.