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Debbie Gibson Reveals Ciara & David Dobrik Had Differences On ‘America’s Most Musical Family’

'America's Most Musical Family' judge Debbie Gibson admitted she didn't always see eye to eye with fellow judges Ciara & David Dobrik.

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Debbie Gibson, 49, Ciara, 34, & David Dobrik, 23, created a lot of fun banter on Nickelodeon’s first season of ‘America’s Most Musical Family,’ and although the judges all got along, there were plenty of times that they had creative differences when it came down to picking which singers moved on to the next rounds. Though they all come from different backgrounds, Debbie said it was how they handled it in the end that made it all work. “We several times had very different opinions and I think the beauty of me, Ciara and David is that we really listen to each other,” the former pop star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when she stopped by our LA studio on Dec. 9 to chat about the show’s finale. “I come from one place, Ciara comes from one place, David comes from that place of like, guys, this is what people are searching for on YouTube right now. And then I might jump in and go, “Right now is good, but I’m also flash forward 30 years and will this group be able to evolve and hold an audience and connect with an audience for decades and decades to come?” Because the goal of any talent competition TV show is to create a real star.”

The freshman season of the singing show has been nothing shy of a hit as viewers watched week after week all kinds of combinations of families sing their hearts out for a shot at a prize of $250,000 and a record deal with Republic Records. With so many families to see, the talent really impressed Debbie, making her job harder than she ever imagined. “It’s literally impossible to pick a favorite,” Debbie revealed. “I mean, the talent is insane. The competition is heating up. So it’s like people are really bringing it. And we were deliberating forever as the judges. We were like, “What are we going to do?”

With host Nick Lachey, 46, assisting, the show sure did provide a lot of great talent for the judges to choose, but Debbie revealed that fans are going to be thrilled as she teased the winner. “I was so happy,” Debbie said. “So, but this was an act that I had my eye on from the beginning and was rooting for. So I also love kind human beings. And so when I see a mix also of the talent, the tenacity, the connection to the audience, knowing who they are as a musical act, but then like you get kind people in the family, I go, okay, I’m in. Kindness gets you very far on this business too. Real kindness, not fake humility. So I was like really on the lookout for a lot of specific things and I was really thrilled with the family who won. I would say is this family band was a common denominator amongst all of the judges.”