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‘Botched’ Star Dr. Paul Nassif Reveals Which Kardashian Nose His Patients Ask For The Most

One Kardashian's nose is so beloved, it defies the current trend in nose surgeries that Dr. Paul Nassif sees in his office! The 'Botched' star spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife to reveal whose nose this is.

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Dr. Paul Nassif
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One Kardashian should feel really flattered. Apparently, specific celebrity nose requests are a thing of the past in Dr. Paul Nassif’s office, which the plastic surgeon EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife while promoting Season 6 of Botched. Instead, patients prefer to use their own (edited) noses as a reference point before surgery. “[Patients] usually do their own face touch-up. I even have an app that they do, and they can do their own face touch-up and take care of the nose or something,” Dr. Nassif revealed. Of course, there’s always exceptions — and that’s where one famous Kardashian nose comes in.

“Now if I have to pick someone once in a while, the only person it probably would be if I had to pick one celebrity, they probably would love…People love Kim Kardashian’s nose,” Dr. Nassif admitted. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has also insisted that her ideal nose isn’t the result of a skilled surgeon! “I said you will see when I have kids, they will have the same nose as me,” Kim tweeted on Feb. 13, as proof.

It’s not just Kim’s nose that people want, either. HollywoodLife also spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Dr. Nassif’s Botched co-star and colleague, Dr. Terry Dubrow, who revealed that Kim is the No. 1 source of inspiration for many of his patients, especially when it comes to the KKW Beauty owner’s backside. “She has kind of created a new kind of buttock aesthetic, and they ask you for the Kim kind of look,” Dr. Dubrow explained.

Kim Kardashian
“People love Kim Kardashian’s nose,” Dr. Paul Nassif told HollywoodLife. (Shutterstock)

Dr. Dubrow chalked up Kim’s popularity in cosmetic procedure requests to her family’s impact on society’s beauty standards. “I think whatever the Kardashians do, whether Kylie [Jenner] doing lip filler or the way the Kardashians look, moves the needle plastic surgery wise. They sort of are the cosmetic or aesthetic Marilyn Monroes of our era, where everybody sort of wants to look like that,” Dr. Nassif’s cohort mused.

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