‘The Challenge’: Cara Accuses Nany Of Trying To ‘Get With’ Paulie & More Wild Reunion Moments

From fights to secret rumored hookups and more, there was MAJOR tea spilled during 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2' reunion show -- and we rounded up the biggest moments after what went down!

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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 came to an intense finish on Dec. 11, when team U.K. (Jordan, CT, Dee and Rogan) beat team U.S. (Paulie, Cara Maria, Ninja Natalie and Zach) in the final challenge. As always, the season was full of drama, and the cast reunited to hash it all out during a two-hour reunion special, which aired on Dec. 18. Cara Maria and Nany went at it, while Paulie and Josh also exploded as they hashed out their drama. Here are the biggest moments from the wild special:

What was team U.S.’s downfall in the final challenge? The finalists from team U.S. weighed in on what really happened when they seemingly fell apart in the final. “Want to know who lost it for us in the final?” Cara Mariaasked. “It was me in that puzzle. Nobody quit. Everybody gave everything. It came down to a tangram puzzle…I tried to solve it a million ways to Sunday. But I’ll take that over Paulie or Zach’s bodies giving out when they pushed through the very end.” Meanwhile, Kam added that she doesn’t think their team’s strategy was right during the first long run. “We had three guys on our team,” she said. “I don’t think any of the guys should’ve stopped carrying [the gurney].”

Did Bananas and Jenny hookup? After Paulie started a rumor on social media that Jenny and Johnny Bananas “banged in a bathroom,” fans were dying to know if the hookup actually happened. Paulie stood by his claims during the reunion, but Bananas and Jenny vehemently denied them. “What happens on The Challenge…there’s things based in reality that actually happened, and there’s rumors created by unhappy human beings to try and destroy people who are in happy relationships,” Johnny explained. “Jenny’s in a relationship, I’m in a relationship that are functional. [Paulie and Cara Maria] are the most dysfunctional humans I’ve ever seen.” Jenny added that she simply “flirts with all the guys,” and her relationship with Johnny was nothing more than that.

Where do Paulie and Josh stand? Paulie and Josh were real-life friends before The Challenge, but that fell apart this season when Paulie broke a promise in the game and things exploded between the two. “You disrespected me to the point that I had to f***ing find new friends because you treated me like s***,” Josh told Paulie at the reunion. “You called me a human emotional piece of s***. How am I supposed to be a friend with you? You have proven time and time again that your word means nothing.” Paulie went OFF on Josh, and it resulted in a major screaming match. Josh called Paulie a “horrible f***ing person,” and said he “will not tolerate someone disrespecting [him] and treating [him] like trash.” In the end, the guys made it clear that they’re not on good terms anymore. “I literally just said I love that friendship,” Paulie revealed. “But I’m not going to break my back for that friendship. I don’t give a s***.”

Why didn’t Cara attend Jordan and Tori’s engagement celebration? Cara Maria was the only cast member who skipped out on celebrating Tori and Jordan after they got engaged, and she explained why on the reunion. “We weren’t talking,” Cara said. “We didn’t like each other in that moment. We don’t like each other, so why am I going to be fake? I’m not going to be fake. Jordan wouldn’t want me there. That’s a gift, me not showing up.” Tori explained that she was most bothered by Cara calling her and Jordan “actors” in their relationship, and Cara revealed that she only said that because the proposal seemed “staged and planned.” Looks like the bad blood between Cara and Jordan lives on!

Are Cara and Laurel on better terms? Cara and Laurel had a falling out a few seasons ago, and their feud was at the forefront this season. “I feel like Laurel only wanted to be in my life when she felt that I needed her,” Cara said at the reunion. “When she could control me and she was above me, and as soon as I felt confident in who I was, she no longer wanted to do that. Either that…or she wanted to date me, I don’t know!” Laurel was clear that she had “no sexual attraction” for Cara, but said that their friendship was “exhausting” because she was constantly trying to help Cara get out of a bad relationship to no avail. However, the ladies do seem to be on better terms now than they were. “I’m always open to talking,” Laurel admitted. “I just don’t want her to run a campaign against me that I belittle her, because I always had her best interest in mind.” Cara added, “There’s no hatred towards Laurel. There’s respect toward her as a competitor and athlete, which is why I was willing to put everything at the door this season. I’m not used to the way [she] speaks to people when [she] wants them to be better. Moving on, there’s no hatred there at all.”

What’s the deal with Rogan and Dee? During the reunion, Rogan and Dee revealed that they are not seeing each other anymore, despite hooking up all season long. Dee broke down in tears when a deleted scene was shown, in which Rogan said he was “bored” with their relationship, and Paulie urged him to keep “f***ing her” so she’d stay in their alliance. Rogan also admitted to crushing on Nany, and Nany revealed that the two had been DMing before the show. However, once Rogan hooked up with Dee on night one, that went out the window. Rogan apologized to Dee multiple times for how he treated her, and in the end, the two seemed amicable. “What we went through was crazy,” Dee explained. “It was an amazing experience and I’m glad I got to share it with [him]. [He’s] my friend before anything else and I’ll always have [his] back.”

Did Nany try to hookup with Paulie? It’s no secret that things were not cool between Nany and Cara Maria/Paulie this season, and the tension was at an all-time high during the reunion. Cara accused Nany of calling Paulie while she was drunk and “trying to get with him,” and claiming that “there have been comments exchanged” that Paulie told her about. To that, Nany fired back, “Do you know the things that Paulie has said about YOU?!” The ladies wound up screaming at each other, and it did not end well. Earlier on, Nany explained that she doesn’t like Cara because Cara “attacks [her] personally,” while Cara defended herself by saying, “You were in a different alliance! But you take it personally — it’s a game! You’re in the opposite alliance. That’s all it comes down to.”

Are Kam and Leroy together? Kam and Leroy rekindled their romance on this season of The Challenge. Now, though, they’re “really good friends.” Leroy said that they have not hooked up since the show ended, but both he and Kam admitted that the door is not closed on a possible relationship in the future.

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