‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion: Kailyn & Jade Storm Off When Ashley Jones Causes Drama On Stage

Drama ensued, during the Dec. 17 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', when the 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant' cast united on stage.

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Image Credit: MTV

The Teen Mom 2 reunion special went out with a bang on Dec. 17, when the third and final part featured two different walk-outs and one massive blowout fight on stage. It all started when Kailyn Lowry revealed how she felt about Jade Cline joining the show. When Dr. Drew asked about it, Kailyn said she wasn’t thrilled, but only because it was just her, Chelsea, Jenelle and Leah for the first 10 years of the series. So to have another new person join the cast just a few years after Briana did was hard — especially for Kailyn. But despite Kailyn’s initial feelings, she and Jade were able to sit on a couch together and talk about it like civilized adults.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case for everyone. Just moments after Kailyn and Jade talked to Dr. Drew, he invited Jade’s former co-stars from Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant out on stage. And when he asked the girls how they felt about Jade joining Teen Mom 2, all hell broke loose. Apparently, Ashley Jones was rumored to be upset about Jade joining the show, and Jade had been spreading those “lies” online. But according to Ashley, she wasn’t jealous of Jade. She claims she was first asked to join Teen Mom 2, but she said she didn’t want to leave Young & Pregnant, so she stayed where she’s at, and Jade got promoted.

And after Ashley explained this, she then stood up and started screaming at Jade, and dissing her other co-stars. Meanwhile, Kailyn was trying to break it up, but when Nessa told Kailyn to keep quiet, Kailyn stormed off stage and never returned. Jade had also walked off stage, after Kailyn advised her to “walk away”, instead of fighting Ashley. So Ashley was then left trash-talking her other co-stars, whom she said she wanted to “spit” on.

Ashley eventually walked off stage herself, and then returned after she calmed down. But while she was apologizing to Brianna and Kayla, another argument started, and Dr. Drew sent the reunion to another commercial break. And when the show returned, Leah Messer, Kailyn and Chelsea Houska were back on stage with their kids, who were saying funny things for the audience.

Fortunately, the show ended on a high note, but Ashley caused a lot of drama that we’re not sure any of her co-stars will ever forgive her for.

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