‘Teen Mom 2’s Jade Cline Calls Out Ashley Jones After Reunion Fight: Everything She Says Is A ‘Lie’ 

Jade Cline and Ashley Jones' feud escalated to a near-physical level during the 'Teen Mom 2' reunion taping over the weekend, according to an explosive report. After the alleged scuffle, they took their beef to social media where things got more heated!

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It’s no secret that MTV’s Jade Cline and Ashley Jones aren’t the biggest fans of one another. But, things took a hostile turn during the Teen Mom 2 reunion taping in New York over the weekend, according to a report by USA Today‘s Champion Daily. Jade and Ashley, both 22, starred on Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant, before Jade joined the Teen Mom 2 cast for its current season, in place of Jenelle Evans.

“All hell broke loose” at the reunion taping when Young and Pregnant star Ashley “tried to start with Jade,” a source told the site. “It seems Ashley wasn’t happy that Jade got on ‘Teen Mom 2’ and she came for her. A massive fight broke out and Jade and Ashley almost got into a physical altercation. Ashley also tried fighting with the rest of her ‘Young and Pregnant’ cast. Some of the girls began taking off their shoes and whatnot and security had to storm in. It was truly insane,” the insider explained. That’s when MTV made the motion for Ashley and her baby’s father, Bariki Smith to be removed from the building where the reunion was being filmed, the source revealed.

“Then Ashley and Bariki went online and Ashley did a live where she went insane and her baby daddy and her started posting what the cast members viewed as threatening and obscene messages,” the source said, noting that the messages were posted to Ashley’s Instagram stories, as seen in screenshots in the Champion Daily‘s report.

The insider went on to explain that “Ashely kept going on all night long tagging Jade and Kayla and saying things like, ‘I’m at this place, come meet me.’ She kept tagging them where she’s at hoping they would meet up with her so they could fight or something. She even tagged herself in the lobby of Jade’s hotel. It was nuts!” The source was referring to the photo that Ashley shared of herself on Instagram, claiming to have been sitting in the lobby of Jade’s hotel, following the taping. In the snap, Ashley put up a middle finger to the camera.

Ashley then took to her Instagram to write on her story, “B–ches want to be hard at the reunion. I will beat you the f-ck up. Period. You know my hotel number.” She added another message writing, “And I don’t do bless so just no Kayla and jade. The next time y’all wanna take y’all shoes off be about it b–ch. Cause you can’t whoop me and I’ll wait.”

Following that, Ashley began reposting messages of support from fans who appeared to have taken her side in the feud. One repost showed Ashley during an Instagram Live, where she said, “I don’t give a f–k. I’m petty? Because a b–ch want to talk about me on Twitter. No no, don’t talk about me on Twitter.”

As for Jade’s response? The mother of one took to Twitter to clarify a few things after reports of the alleged fight began to surface.

“Just to set the record straight, no one was ‘jumped’ at the reunion,” she wrote in a series of tweets. “There was no physical altercation. Ashley is in her feelings and wanted to start drama with everyone and basically looked like a fool. Now she’s online ‘spilling tea’ when in all reality everything she says is a COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE.”

A followup tweet continued: “Ashley you’re out of your f–king mind. Get help. The way you acted in front of the whole world on the reunion was insane. Talking about people kids and family’s is low. You’re a pathetic ass individual and no one believes your bullsh-t. Get help.”

Jade’s third tweet read: “The way you acted as a woman and as a mother is sickening. Once the reunion airs everyone will see the truth and exactly what went down. You’re a compulsive liar and need to snap back into reality.”

After the reunion taping, Teen Mom 2 veteran, Kailyn Lowry took to Twitter, where she admitted that the show’s reunions are “not good” for “mental health.” Kailyn, whose tweets appeared to be aimed at the reported dispute between Jade and Ashley, even vowed that she will not be attending any more reunions.

“Every year I say I’m not going. Every year I give in. Every year I am apart of bullshit. This time I’ve reflected, accepted responsibility & wanted to do better. This year, I get dragged into bullshit that had NOTHING to do with me,” Kailyn wrote on Twitter.

She then asked MTV to “stop putting girls who do not like each other on the same stage,” in a second tweet, adding, “Stop putting girls in a situation where they feel like they need to prove themselves.”

Kailyn concluded with: “I promise y’all, nobody better even think about asking me to attend another reunion.” Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, with Young and Pregnant following at 9 p.m. ET.