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Effortless Waves & Braided Updo: How You Can Achieve The Gorgeous Holiday Hairstyles

The holidays are right around the corner & if you're looking for the perfect hairstyle, look no further, because an expert colorist & stylist gave HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE tips on how to achieve these gorgeous looks at home!

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With the holidays approaching, so are tons of amazing parties and events, which is why it’s time to start thinking about the hairstyles you want to try. Luckily, Joanna Delgado, a top colorist, and Jerome Lordet, Style Director at Pierre Michel Salon in New York City, spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, about holiday hairstyles. Two gorgeous hairstyles to try out this season include waves and an intricate updo, which Joanna and Jerome tried out on Leilah. Before getting her hair styled, it was dyed first, and to achieve the look, Joanna shared, “I used a technique called foilayage. It’s the same balayage technique where lightener is painted onto the hair but the pieces are isolated in foil. This encloses the product and the heat from the foil allows it to get a lighter stage than traditional balayage would. This technique works well with dark brunettes that do not like to see warm brassy tones.” (Related: Best Wave Brushes)

As for where Joanna got inspiration from for the color, she admitted, “Leilah wanted to go for a more natural look and since she requested this I knew foilayage was the way to go. This technique requires minimal maintenance but still wows and creates a change without altering her natural color, which means NO ROOTS.” If you want to get your hair colored before the holidays but you’re not sure when is a good time, Joanna shared, “I always say get it done within a week’s timeframe of the event you want to look good for. Color fades so you can’t get it done too soon, and the perfect way of maintaining your color is with the right products. I always recommend a color-treated or a sulfate-free shampoo so that the color molecules don’t fade. If you’re a blonde, using a purple based shampoo once a week is great. It keeps the blonde looking vibrant and it prevents it from turning yellow.” Another tip Joanna revealed, “If you got your hair color done too early and need a little freshening, book a gloss or glaze with your colorist. It’ll give you a nice shine making your hair color look fresh again.”

“Wavy hair down is always a great look and very romantic for the holiday season,” hairstylist Jerome Lordet suggested about Leilah’s first hairstyle. To achieve Leilah’s gorgeous waves which are worn down, Jerome shared the three steps he took to get her look, “The first step was applying a volumizer (Volumetry from L’Oréal), then drying the hair naturally with a blow dryer and finger lifting the roots to get as much fullness as possible. The second step was to curl her hair with a curling iron about 1-inch in size and taking small sections. The third step was to lightly brush the hair and use your finger to finish a wavy look using Maria Valentino CBD hair nourishment to give a beautiful shine.”

Jerome Lordet, Style Director at Pierre Michel Salon in NYC, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how he achieved these gorgeous curls on Leilah. (Courtesy of HL)
Another hairstyle for the holidays that Jerome tried out was an intricate updo with a pretty braid at the top of the head. (Courtesy of HL)

For Leilah’s updo, Jerome said, “Hair up is a little bit more elegant for holiday parties and is easy to create without too much fuss. To get the look, Jerome followed three steps, “The first step was slightly teasing the hair to give a better grip. Next, put the hair up into a high ponytail leaving out the front piece. Lastly, create a loose braid from the front to the back using the hair that was left out and attach it into the messy ponytail.”