Camila Cabello Reveals Why She & Shawn Mendes Took So Long To Act On Their Crushes — Watch

Camila Cabello opened up about 'falling in love' with BF Shawn Mendes to Ellen DeGeneres, and it turns out the two had feelings way before their sexy single 'Senorita'!

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
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Camila Cabello, 22, revealed that she and Shawn Mendes, 21, had crushes on each other way before hooking up romantically! “I met him on the Austin Mahone tour literally like five or six years ago,” Camila explained to Ellen DeGeneres in a clip from an upcoming interview, scheduled to air on Friday, Dec. 6. “I for sure had a crush there…I think we both had a crush but we were both being babies about it — but we’re grown now,” she added, joking that they were both “stupid” in their teen years when it came to making a move!

The pair remained friends for years, and later collaborated on the 2017 single “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” and Camila previously said that was when she knew she liked him as more than a friend! “During ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ I really bonded with him as more than a friend,” Camila to Rolling Stone in an interview published Nov. 18. “I think he did, too, but we were both really young, and he was experiencing the pressures of his career. I don’t think we knew what to do with those feelings. It was this awkward thing where we both liked each other, but we weren’t together.”

In true Ellen fashion, the talk show host also wanted to know why the pair appeared to tease a kiss on-stage at the American Music Awards but didn’t give the audience what they were waiting for! “We practice [a kiss] in rehearsal and then I kiss him because I kiss him but then on stage it feels weird because it feels like people are expecting it and I’m like I don’t wanna…and that’s why I hit him with my nose,” she hilariously admitted — and if you ask us, the sexy performance was almost too hot for TV! Camila and Shawn went viral a couple months ago for their fish-kiss video, which featured a — erm — rather sloppy lip-lock as a response to fans making fun of how the pair kiss in real life.

The Cuban born singer has been busy as of late, with the release of her new album, Romance, which has been building plenty of buzz for it’s Dec. 6 release! “It’s about being in love,” Camila admitted. “It’s like the intensity and the adrenalin and intensity of my life was in the studio writing about an emotion that I wanted. Whereas this time, there’s just been a lot that’s happened and I’ve fallen in love, and out of love, and in love. That’s what this album is about — falling in love and what that feels like.”

Camila and Shawn shot straight to the top of the Billboard Charts with “Senorita” earlier this year, and the track was undoubtedly the song of the summer! Shortly after the song was released, rumors began swirling that the two were dating — and they were later seen getting cozy at a Fourth of July party then making out on Miami Beach! “An energy was there from the beginning, but after [2015’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer] we didn’t spend as much time together,” she continued to Rolling Stone. “Our paths just didn’t cross in that way romantically until we started hanging out again and writing. For me, it just brought it back.” We can’t get enough of these two!

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