Aisha Dee Brings A New Meaning To Ghosting Someone In Freeform’s Holiday Movie ‘Ghosting’

Thoughts on being ghosted by an actual ghost? Aisha Dee has some, & more, which she shared in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

The holiday season is usually a merry and happy time, but it can also be tough to go through as a single woman or man. In the new Freeform original movie Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas, a part of their epic 25 Days Of Christmas, Jess (Aisha Dee) goes on one of the first dates of her life with a sweetheart name Ben, but ends up literally ghosting him when she dies tragically in a car accident on the way home. While the plot sounds rather devastating, the movie is actually a heartwarming and quirky take on the ever-popular trend of people ignoring those they went on a few dates with, like a ghost. “I think the movie is a good lesson in how to handle being ghosted. I think you reach out once, if you think you’re being ghosted, you say ‘Hey, are you good?'” Aisha Dee advised in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “And if you don’t hear back, you go out and you have a beer and you try to forget about it.”

She continued, “You don’t get crazy and text someone a thousand times because they’re clearly not emotionally available or they’re dead!” In Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas, Aisha’s Jess is unable to crossover into whatever the “afterlife” is and needs the help of her friend Kara (Kimiko Glenn), who is the only person who can see and hear her. “It’s definitely a movie about love and life and loss and searching for meaning, and all of those things. It’s a classic holiday rom-com,” Aisha said. “Then it’s mixed with the unexpected too, and it takes some really cool turns.”

“I think it also subverts a lot of expectations we have when we look at traditional holiday movies,” The Bold Type actress added. “Four of the lead characters are all people of color, and we tell a queer story, we have some queer representation. Plus, through Jess we get to explore all of the fun and light, happy things about the holiday season.”

Be sure to catch the rest of Freeform’s 25 Days Of Christmas and Ghosting: In The Spirit Of Christmas during it’s encore presentation on Dec. 10 at 2:05pm/1:05!

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