‘The Challenge’ Preview: Tori Begs CT To Ditch The Alliance And Keep Her Out Of Elimination

In this EXCLUSIVE preview from the Nov. 27 episode of 'The Challenge,' Tori and Jordan urge their fellow team members to ditch Paulie and Cara's alliance and focus on keeping their strongest players in the game.

The U.K. team on this season of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 has dwindled down to just five people. There’s engaged couple, Jordan and Tori, on one side, and then Rogan, CT and Dee, who are part of the main alliance in the game (along with Paulie, Cara Maria, Leroy, Kam, Ashley and Natalie from team U.S.), on the other side. With a female elimination looming during the Nov. 27 episode, Tori knows that there’s a chance that her own team will throw her under the bus, just as they have with so many other players to this point. So, she takes matters into her own hands — and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek.

“Girls elimination is coming up and I have never felt the wrath of The Challenge like this before,” Tori admits. “Now, I’m kind of realizing what it’s like to side with Jodan. This is how he feels all the time!” Tori tries to reason with CT, but he’s not easy to bargain with. “I just feel like, at some point in time, people should realize…okay…let’s play smart,” she explains, to which he responds, “What do you expect us to do, Tori, at this point? We’ve been protecting each other the entire challenge.”

In a confessional, CT explains his side of the argument. “Paulie’s alliance wants me to vote in Tori,” he reveals. “She’s a strong competitor and they don’t want to see her in a final. I think the UK team has the potential to be a strong team, but the lines were drawn a long time ago, and I’m not going to change my ways now because there’s nothing I can do for you guys. I’m working for these people, not you. Give me a break.”

CT assures Tori that her skill in the game has nothing to do with his reason for wanting to get rid of her — he simply wants to remain loyal to the people he’s been loyal to all season. “We got a ton of people who’ve been looking after me the entire challenge,” he insists. “I don’t see why that should change now.” When Tori pressures Rogan and Dee to speak up, too, they agree with CT’s explanations, as well.

Naturally, this does not go over well with Jordan and Tori. “We’re at the end — you don’t have to make up for the alliances [anymore],” Jordan rants. “They haven’t done a thing for you! They put all your good players in and you’re still going to uphold your agreement? They are literally too stupid to insult.” On the other hand, Paulie is sitting pretty after hearing CT shut down Tori’s pleas.”I only have one thing on my mind this entire season — getting my first win,” he admits. “All the moves I’ve been making have been to keep our alliance safe, and at this point, I think it’s safe to say we got this one in the bag.”

By the end of the conversation, Tori is left just as frustrated as ever with her team. She’s convinced that she’s going into the next elimination no matter what. We’ll see how it plays out when the next episode of The Challenge airs on Nov. 27 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV!

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