‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Brianna Makes Plans To Protect Braeson From Her Baby Daddy

Brianna Jaramillo came to an important decision, regarding what she feels is 'best' for her and Braeson, during the Nov. 26 episode of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant'.

Brianna Jaramillo
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After allegedly receiving death threats from her son’s father’s girlfriend, Brianna Jaramillo took some necessary action during the Nov. 26 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. Not only did she want to start receiving child support from Braeson‘s biological father, but she also wanted him to give up his rights, so he couldn’t just decide to show up in Braeson’s life whenever he wanted. Especially after saying he wanted nothing to do with Braeson in the present. However, when Brianna met up with a lawyer, she was told that her ex didn’t have any rights currently anyway because the DNA test they took wasn’t a legal one. Great, right? Not so great. Because he wasn’t yet legally proven to be Braeson’s father, she also couldn’t collect child support from him yet. So if she wanted to start doing so, she’d have to prove her ex truly is Braeson’s father, and then she could possibly fork over rights to him, too — depending on whether or not he truly wanted any.

Meanwhile, Ashley tried to have carefree girls weekend in Vegas, but she kept calling Barr and he had an issue with the outfit she was wearing. He said it was too scandalous. Then, when she was hungover and recovering, they talked on the phone and he revealed that he had just purchased a new car, so he could finally be more independent and help out with their daughter. So Ashley asked him to go pick their daughter up and watch her until she got back home. Could this be the first step towards them reconciling? Only time will tell.

Later, Kayla tries to find a way for Izaiah to see his dad since they hadn’t had a visit together in a few months. However, when Stephan expressed interest in having Izaiah over to his house, she wasn’t okay with that. Especially because she claims Stephan’s girlfriend is violent and knocked his tooth out. She also said that when she was pregnant with Izaiah, the girlfriend threatened to beat her up and cause her to have a miscarriage. So instead, Kayla set up a meeting between Stephan and Izaiah at a public place.

Finally, Rachel resented being compared to Malorie this week, and Kiaya struggled to keep her cool with X’Zayveon’s mom.

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