‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Bailey Suffers A Devastating Loss & Amelia Gets Jaw-Dropping News

Meredith was back in business at Grey Sloan but it wasn't smooth sailing on the 'Grey's Anatomy' fall finale. Plus, Bailey and Ben were hit with a tragedy and Amelia learned some shocking news.

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Meredith is welcomed back to Grey Sloan with open arms during the Nov. 21 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith crosses paths with DeLuca and jokes about him “dumping” her. Meredith meets a new doctor on her first day back, Dr. Hayes, who is going to be the new head of Pediatric Surgery. When they work on a patient together, they don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. In the end, Meredith is proven right. There are sparks clearly flying between them, even if they both don’t want to admit it.

Amelia and Link are hooking up at the hospital, as well as Nico and Schmitt. Amelia’s hormones are at an all-time high right now with the pregnancy. As Bailey and Amelia chat, Amelia reveals she hasn’t had an ultrasound and she’s 20 weeks pregnant. Bailey tells her to get on that quickly. Bailey’s planning on having an ultrasound later in the day.

Captain Herrera comes to the hospital to see Bailey. His cancer is back and he doesn’t want anyone to know about it, especially Ben. While talking with Bailey, he notices that she’s bleeding. Ben rushes to Bailey’s side. Bailey has suffered a miscarriage. Ben wants to take her home, but Bailey doesn’t want to deal with the loss right now. She keeps it a secret from the rest of the doctors, including Amelia.

After an awkward introduction with Vic, Katherine goes to see Richard. When she arrives, a nurse tells him that Richard is having coffee with his wife. Katherine immediately assumes the worst and tells Jackson all about it. Meanwhile, Jo finds herself at the firehouse and ends up taking care of an abandoned baby. She can’t wrap her head around how a mother could do something like this. Jo finds that she can’t leave the baby, so she takes the baby home with her. When Link comes over and sees what Jo’s done, he’s understandably a little shocked.

Maggie and Teddy operate on a patient Maggie has worked with before. During the surgery, things don’t go quite so smoothly as she had hoped and Maggie thinks she’s losing the new dad. She freaks out and leaves the OR. She can’t tell another family that their loved one is dead. All hope is not lost so Maggie and Teddy go talk to the wife about the situation. When the wife becomes upset, Maggie excuses herself. She runs into Tom and tells him that she’s quitting. She can’t be a surgeon if she can’t trust her gut.

Teddy initially thinks that Tom fired Maggie so she goes on a rant about how it’s really over between them. She’s in love with Owen. Tom’s still not giving up. “I want a life with you,” he tells her. He thinks Owen is ridiculous for not proposing yet. He tells Teddy that he’d marry her tomorrow if he could. Tom asks Teddy whether or not this is truly the route she wants to go down.

Meredith and Hayes meet again in the elevator. They have a chat about his tactics. He’s definitely not afraid to go toe-to-toe with her. Cristina dubs him “McWidow.” Amelia finally gets that ultrasound and learns she’s actually 24 weeks pregnant and not just 20 weeks. This means that Owen could be the father! Ben, Jackson, Captain Herrera, and more are at the bar when a car comes pummeling through the roof leaving them trapped!

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