‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Owen Learns Amelia’s Pregnant & Maggie Suffers A Tragic Loss

Amelia finally tells Owen that she's pregnant during the Nov. 7 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' and things get tense very quickly. Plus, Maggie meets new family members but her day ends in tragedy.

Grey's Anatomy
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Maggie gets quite the surprise during the Nov. 7 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Richard’s brother, Chris, and niece, Sabrina, show up and introduce themselves to Maggie. Maggie is caught off guard, to say the least. Richard isn’t exactly close to Sabi and Chris. Maggie takes them to see Richard and it’s clear that Chris has some bad blood with his brother. Turns out, Sabi has a serious medical problem — the biggest heart tumor that Maggie has ever seen.

Maggie stresses that it’s imperative that Sabi undergo surgery to remove the tumor. This is her specialty, so Maggie wants to do the surgery. However, Sabi doesn’t think that’s a good idea because they’re family. Maggie looks to Richard for backup but he plays devil’s advocate, so Maggie goes to Meredith.

However, Sabi soon goes into respiratory duress. Maggie flies right into action with Sabi. Chris tries to protest, but Richard defends his daughter. Maggie quickly takes Sabi into surgery. Unfortunately for Maggie, Sabi dies on the table. Maggie doesn’t want to tell Richard and Chris. Alex pulls her aside and lets her cry it out before she goes to reveal Sabi’s fate. Chris is devastated over his daughter’s death and angry. He didn’t want Maggie to operate on Sabi and now she’s dead.

Amelia bites the bullet and tells Owen that she and Link are having a baby. Their conversation is awkward, to say the least. Owen is stunned. Amelia and Owen work on a patient together and the tension between them skyrockets when Owen refuses to perform an abortion on a woman who had tried to end the pregnancy herself. Owen and Amelia eventually confront one another about the elephant in the room. Owen basically admits that he’s frustrated and upset that Amelia is pregnant with another man’s child. Amelia brings up the fact that they broke up twice. Owen says that the reason they got divorced was that Amelia didn’t want to have kids. The “pain and truth” of what Amelia wanted at the time was what ended their marriage. Owen now thinks that she just didn’t want to have kids with him. Owen and Amelia are left staring at each other and it looks like they’re about to kiss. But Amelia walks away before anything happens.

Later, Owen follows Amelia outside. He apologizes for how he acted. She apologizes for ambushing him. She now realizes this was a bigger conversation to be had. Amelia admits that she didn’t want kids when they started seeing each other. What’s happened with Betty and Leo has changed her thoughts on parenthood. “I wasn’t ready before,” she says. “I am now. And I have you to thank for that.” They’re back on good terms but there’s yet another long pause between them that proves things are not quite over for them.

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