Kim Zolciak-Biermann Reveals Why She May Never Return To ‘RHOA’ Ever Again

Kim Zolciak-Biermann has made a few appearances on 'RHOA' as a guest since her season 5 departure, but she isn't interested in returning full-time.

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann, 41, has not held on to a Georgia peach since season five of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta which was in 2012. She came back in seasons nine and 10 as a guest and a friend, respectively, but she’s hinting at leaving Atlanta and moving her family as daughter Ariana Biermann, 18, gets ready to go away to college. “It’s been tough for me,” Kim told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during the first annual BravoCon in New York City on Nov. 15. “She got acceptance letters from every place that she’s applied to basically, which has made it even harder for me because I’m like, “Please, God, say no.” I just want to die inside, to be honest. I’m like…You know, it’s a catch 22 for me as a parent because I want her to go to college. I always knew she would go, she wants to travel the world, but it’s like, ‘Sweetie, why can’t you just live with me forever?’ Like, what’s wrong with that? She’s like, ‘F**k no.’

You can’t be on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta if you don’t live in Atlanta. Kim probably wouldn’t have any interest in returning anyways after feuding both on and off-screen with one of the show’s current ‘wives, Kenya Moore, 48. Kim’s own spinoff Don’t Be Tardy premieres its eighth season sometime in 2020 and she doesn’t need the extra stress, though she does promise that her show will still deliver some good ‘ol Biermann family drama. “It’s a lot, honey,” Kim teased. “Can’t tell you, but it’s definitely smaller quarters. Different surroundings and a really good time.”

With a move from Atlanta potentially on the horizon, Kim revealed where the family may relocate. From the sounds of things, Kim is actually a little excited about the idea of it since she has no real ties to the city anymore. “So a move may be in the future because if she does decide to go to Arizona, you know?” Kim said. “Like she has this big talk and then she starts to process, “Oh my God. I’m actually not going to be here for dinner every night? Or pick the kids up from school? Or go to their baseball games?” So, I mean, there’s nothing keeping us in Georgia. The Falcons were keeping us there for years and, I mean, I can film more than ever. So, we’ll see. I love, love, love Arizona.”