Lisa Vanderpump On Why She Quit ‘RHOBH’: I Was A Target & ‘Pounded On’ By Co-Stars

Lisa Vanderpump was in a much better headspace when we caught up with her EXCLUSIVELY at BravoCon in NYC and walking away from 'RHOBH' has something to do with it.

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Lisa Vanderpump, 59, has been pretty open about having what was easily her roughest year to date in 2018. She lost her mother, her brother, and several best friends who were also her co-stars on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and after announcing back in June that she was putting her diamond back on the shelf for good, she’s finally revealing why. “That’s not what I signed up for,” Lisa told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while at the first annual BravoCon in New York City on Nov. 16. “Sign up, you’re [a] fu***ng target for 25 episodes of them just talking about me, and relentlessly pounding on me, when I was at a very fragile time in my life. I did it in season four, did it season six. I had a bit of it in season two when the whole cast gets to you. And I just said that’s it. Bye. I’m not doing it anymore.”

The successful business woman is still predominantly displayed on the Bravo network as she stars in her own spinoff series, Vanderpump Rules, which premieres its eighth season in January 2020. Between the show, all of her restaurants and philanthropies, she’s making it crystal clear there’s nothing anyone could do to bring her back as her priorities in life have shifted. “I’m always going to do something,” Lisa added. “So it’s about enjoying the process. Otherwise, your whole life’s going to be wrapped up in stress, and I’m not doing that anymore. So if I’m not enjoying it, like with the Housewives, even though it was much to our British chagrin. And I said bye. There was nothing they could have done to bring me back. Will I go to reunion? Ha, ha. No. Why do I want to go endure the nastiness? I didn’t want to do that.”

It sounds like Lisa is perfectly content with her decision to call it quits. After all, she’s finally in a happy place again in her life and she’d like to keep it that way for her own mental well being. “If it comes to the point where it’s not beneficial to your psyche or to your emotional wellbeing, walk away,” Lisa said. “And that’s exactly what I did. I was struggling. When I walked away, I was emotional.”