50 Cent Gets Slammed On Twitter For Making Nasty Joke About ‘Power’ Co-Star Naturi Naughton

'Power' fans are livid after 50 Cent insulted his star Naturi Naughton's looks, just one week after apologizing for making the SAME gross 'joke.'

50 Cent Naturi Naughton
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50 Cent was apparently bored with the dozen feuds he’s already managing, and decided to add one of his Power stars to the list. The rapper, who executive produces and sometimes appears on the Starz series, posted a truly vile meme featuring Naturi Naughton, completely unprovoked. The tweet, curiously captioned, “Who the f**k did this, POWER is #1” is a side-by-side photo comparing the actress’ hairline to that of Goro from Mortal Kombat. Needless to say, it’s not a flattering comparison. You can see his November 13 tweet HERE. Fans are outraged by 50’s tasteless tweet, which isn’t his first dig at his star, by the way. Just a week prior, he mocked Naturi’s same hairstyle on Instagram.

He apologized to the actress, who plays Tasha on his hit show, after she said how upset the “mean” move made her.  “He knew what he did was shady and apologized for it. He realized it wasn’t the nicest thing to do. I accepted his apology, I’ve moved on,” Naturi told Page Six in an interview published just one day before 50’s new post. “He’s an EP on [Power], I’m a star on the show, I can’t be worried about something like that. He believes in the work that I do on Power, so it was just a matter of making sure that that comes across. I think he gets it, we’re cool. I’ll see him at work within the next couple of days. I don’t hold grudges, it’s water under the bridge.”

Naturi’s fans were outraged and rallied against the rapper on Twitter in response to his tweet. “Idk who hurt you so deeply that you continue to be this childish and bitter but sir PLEASE seek help. It’s never too late to get therapy mama,” one fan suggested. “Damn, and I thought I had bad bosses. Poor Naturi,” a fan tweeted, with another agreeing, “The girl is resilient and needs to be celebrated.” Others were confused that he was making the same “joke” from a week ago. “She already said she wasn’t [cool with it]. The first time he could say he thought it was all in fun. This time he KNOWS he is hurting her feelings.” Others called him a child and a clown, and the most savage said they understood why he had been shot nine times. Damn!

Naturi hasn’t responded to the new diss, but 50 sort of did. He deactivated his Instagram account! He’s still active on Twitter, but, as of now, is only promoting his champagne brand and Power.

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