Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Still In Honeymoon Phase After Wedding: Their Relationship Is ‘Magic’

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin celebrated being married for a year in Sept. and had an official wedding the same month, and they are still just as smitten with each other as the first time they fell in love!

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Image Credit: SplashNews

Justin Bieber, 25, and Hailey Baldwin, 22, are enjoying every minute with each other now that they are husband and wife. The young lovebirds were married in Sept. 2018 but didn’t celebrate their nuptials with a wedding until a year later, and although some time has passed, they are still head over heels in wedded bliss! In addition to appreciating the beautiful ceremony and reception they had for family and friends, they are grateful for finally feeling like their true commitment has officially begun.

“Hailey loves that she and Justin went all out for their wedding which really made it feel even more official being surrounded by their friends and families,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “It’s also been really nice enjoying this next phase of their relationship and lives together. They have started settling into what it really feels like to be together as a married couple. All the distractions of wedding planning, the early phases of dating, moving in together etc. have all been accomplished and it’s a more regular, day-to-day routine now which has been really nice.”

The husband and wife are also getting the opportunity to know what it’s like to miss each other since they have successful careers that keep them traveling, so that part of their new marriage has only increased their gratitude for each other. “Since Hailey and Justin both have really busy schedules it is also a factor in them staying in the honeymoon phase even longer than most couples because they have the opportunity than most to miss each other on occasion which helps keep things fresh,” the source explained.

A second source also confirmed to us that Hailey and Justin are indeed a happy couple and are taking in every moment they have since getting hitched, including the time they spend with their families. “Hailey and Justin are deeply in love and love being together. They are all about family and all about their relationship,” the source EXCLUSIVELY said. “They have found their person and love just hanging out with their family and keeping things simple. Everyone gets along and it just pretty much feels that it is not a honeymoon phase, they are just in a constant state of bliss. The thing with the honeymoon phase is that it eventually ends. They are in a relationship where they don’t even contemplate being out of the love they are in now. Everyone gets along, they are both old souls and look forward to every day with each other. It’s as close to magic as possible, they are just so great with each other.”

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