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Chris Lane Reveals Intimate Moments From Lauren Bushnell Wedding In New ‘Big Big Plans’ Video

Country singer Chris Lane wrote his song 'Big Big Plans' for now-wife Lauren Bushnell. He's just released a new music video for the tune that features highlights from their recent wedding.

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Country star Chris Lane has released a new video for his song “Big Big Plans” that includes all of the intimate moments of his Oct. 25, 2019 wedding to former Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell, 29.  The 35-year-old singer dropped the new music vid on Nov. 13 and it features romantic shots from their actual wedding and reception, as well as behind the scenes moments that include them getting ready for the ceremony. Lauren can be seen in a bathrobe getting hugs from her female friends and relatives before putting on her stunning white wedding gown.

Chris looks so dapper putting on his tux, then he’s seen singing in front of a lush green wall in the reception area that has “The Lanes” written in fluorescent lighting. Next Chris is looking down at his watch in the empty wedding hall, clearly looking forward to the moment when they tie the knot. Lauren participated in creating special moments especially for the video, as Chris is seen staring up towards the altar in the empty hall while she walks in behind him to surprise him in her wedding gown and veil. He turns around to look at her and smiles, blown away at how beautiful his bride is.

Then came scenes from the actual wedding, with Lauren’s dad walking her down the aisle, then the moment where they were declared husband and wife and they had their first kiss as a married couple. Video from the reception followed, where the green “The Lanes” wall had moved to behind where the couple was seated. Chris included intimate moments including their first dance as well as the cutting of their wedding cake.

This is actually the second video Chris put together for “Big Big Plans” in honor of Lauren. Back on June 18 when it was revealed that Chris had proposed to Lauren in the backyard of her family home in Oregon, he dropped a video featuring private moments from their dating life leading up to their engagement. At the start of the video he was seen on the front porch of a house with Lauren, saying “So some of y’all know I’ve been working on a song for Lauren and I just got it back today. While we have the cameras here I want to capture the moment of me playing it her for the first time. You’re sure with that?” Then he hit play on the phone and the couple goals video rolled.