’90 Day Fiance’s Jorge Nava Reveals How He Dropped 125 Lbs. In Prison After Showing Off Slimmer Look

Jorge Nava shocked '90 Day Fiance' fans when a new mugshot showed him looking a lot thinner than he did on the show in 2016 and now he's revealing exactly how he lost a whopping 125 pounds while in prison.

Jorge Nava, Anfisa
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Jorge Nava, 27, is literally half the man he used to be since starting a two and a half year prison sentence on drug charges in Sept. 2018 and now he’s opening up about how exactly he lost 125 pounds in just over a year. The 90 Day Fiance star recently made headlines when he appeared noticeably a lot thinner than fans remember him on the reality series in a new mugshot that went viral on Nov. 6, and he’s crediting it all to a lifestyle change that includes a better diet and more exercise.

“I had a really bad diet when I was out in the free world,” Jorge told E! News in an interview while admitting he no longer consumes fast food, energy drinks, or sugary sodas, which were his staple pre-prison food and beverage choices. “I wanted to be in the best physical and healthiest shape possible,” he explained. “I feel healthy and energetic. I feel overall more confident with myself.”

In addition to eating a healthier diet, which consists of a lot of oatmeal and peanut butter, Jorge works out with a fellow inmate from the Arizona State Prison Complex, where he’s staying, every morning at 4 a.m. and again every afternoon. “We both motivate each other and we push ourselves to the limit pretty much,” he said while adding that he focuses on “military-based” workouts and “a lot of jogging.”

Jorge Nava
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One of the main reasons Jorge wanted to better his health and overall life is because of his wife, Anfisa Arkhipchenko, 24, who he married during his time on 90 Day Fiance in Aug. 2016. He wants to create a better future for their life together and admitted that despite divorce rumors, they are doing “really well” and he’s looking forward to when they can reunite at the end of his prison sentence in Aug. 2020. “My hope is to basically get out and start life over with a different point of view,” he said. “I don’t want to make the same mistake that I already did. I learned from all of the negativity. Hopefully, I can turn it into something positive and make a greater change.”

His desire for greater change comes after Jorge was caught with 300 lbs of marijuana in his vehicle in early 2018, which led to him being charged with possession of drugs with the intention to sell. Now that he’s half way through his prison sentence, though, the optimistic star is hopeful and is glad people are recognizing an achievement such as his weight loss. “I am glad that people are noticing some positivity out of such a negative outcome,” he said. “Hopefully people can see that I am able to turn things around even though I am at the lowest point in my life.”

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