Tarek El Moussa Reveals Why It ‘Wasn’t Awkward’ To Introduce His New GF Heather To Ex Christina

Tarek El Moussa opened up about his new relationship with his girlfriend Heather Rae Young and how introducing her to ex-wife Christina Anstead and his two kids was a great experience.

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Tarek El Moussa, 38, has only good things to say when it comes to discussing his new life with girlfriend Heather Rae Young, including how he’s happily made her a part of his kids’ lives. The former husband of TV personality Christina Anstead, 36, helped to officially kick off Movember, the organization’s month-long charity campaign for men’s health, in Culver City, CA on Nov. 1 and opened up about how introducing his gal pal to his ex and their daughter Taylor, 9, and son Brayden, 4, has been nothing but a positive experience.

“I’m in this new relationship with Heather and it’s turned out to be way better than I thought it would be and it gets better by the day,” Tarek EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife at the event. “And it’s amazing to fall in love again and it’s amazing to be loved again. I never thought that’d happen for me. She is amazing with the kids, and my daughter especially just adores her. And I wasn’t nervous to introduce her at all because I know what an amazing girl she is. And I know what an amazing daughter I have, and I knew that they would connect right away and they did. And it’s just, as a father, I couldn’t be happier. That’s probably why I’m so happy because I was able to bring someone amazing into my kids’ lives and they just deserve it.”

Like with his kids, Tarek admitted that Heather has been fine with Christina, who he was married to from 2009-2018, and their first meeting went well. “I didn’t really know what to expect, so we just kind of did it and it all worked out okay. I was happy with it,” he said.

Although the introductions could have easily led to awkward situations, the proud father says it was anything but awkward because both he and Christina, who is now married to Ant Anstead, 40, put the kids first. “It’s not awkward because we’re there for the kids. I would never put my feelings or emotions over my kids,” he explained. “So, I look at it as a positive thing. Because I understand, these things are important. They’re going to remember this when they’re older. It’s just, it’s hard to say, you know? It’s just, I think we both understand what’s important.”

Tarek El Moussa
Tarek El Moussa at the Movember event in Culver City, CA on Nov. 1. (Courtesy of Techmo Administrators)

Tarek also mentioned that one of the important things that makes the situation healthy for the kids is going out as a family, even if it he and Christina are no longer romantically together, and that’s exactly what they did this past Halloween. “I’ve been bringing her [Heather] to set for my new show, Flipping 101. But, last night was Halloween and we all did it,” he said. “I was there, Heather was there, Christina was there, Ant was there, my ex in-laws were there and we were one big family last night. It was fine. It was our first time going out as a big group and it all worked out great. And the kids had a great time and of course they were happy we were all there and that’s what matters.”

Since Tarek is as happy as can be, will another marriage be in his future? He isn’t ruling it out and even admitted he thinks Heather could be “the one”. They’ve already talked about getting hitched in the future, but are still taking it one day at a time. “We’ve had a few talks about it, but it’s still pretty soon and we’re just enjoying every single moment,” he gushed. “We’re not rushing things and we’re just happy. That’s it.”

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