Bhad Bhabie Blasts Woah Vicky After Brawl Video: ‘You Never Hit Me’ — Watch

Bhad Bhabie spoke out further about her now infamous fight with Woah Vicky in an Oct. 30 livestream she hosted on Instagram and insisted she was never really hit during the altercation.

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Danielle Bregoli
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Bhad Bhabie, 16, seems to want to be the one with the last word when it comes to the verdict of her headline-making physical fight with Instagram star Woah Vicky, 19. The rapper, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, already spoke out about how Vicky didn’t win the fight, which happened at a studio in Atlanta, GA during the early morning hours of Oct. 30, in a series of Instagram messages on her story. Later in the day, however, she kept the explanations going when she followed up the messages with an Instagram livestream and used it to insist she was never hit.

“You still never hit me!” Danielle says, referring to Vicky and the fight, during the livestream. “You still never hit me, not once! That’s what I’m not understanding.”

“You got a whole video of you doing all this…,” she continued while making punching gestures with her hands. “But my body never got touched. Here’s the thing with the internet, though, Ima have to learn this on my own. Y’all gonna be against me no matter what.”

Danielle then went on to directly diss Vicky, who posted a video of the fight to her Instagram page, by saying her actions during and after the fight all have to do with “clout” and getting attention. “Everything this girl do is for clout,” she continued. “The first thing she posting is, ‘Follow my YouTube page, subscribe to my YouTube page. Like what?” She then even challenged Vicky to meet and possibly fight again. “You can pull up to 11th street any time of the day,” she boldly said. “Let me know. I’ll be there.”

In addition to her livestream, Danielle posted a silent video of herself showing off her body, including her stomach, back, and neck, to prove there are no marks on it, further insinuating that she was not hit by Vicky.

Around the same time Danielle started reacting to the fight online, Vicky tweeted her own message about her perspective on who was at fault. “Ain’t gone say much just now she came to where I was . I was at the studio chilling she bust in the door and she swung on me first,” the tweet read.