‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Recap: Brianna Receives Shocking News About Braeson

Could Braeson's dad be coming back into the picture on 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant'? That's what the Oct. 29 episode alluded to when Brianna received a shocking message.

Brianna Jaramillo
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Brianna Jaramillo has never truly revealed who Braeson‘s father is, but during the Oct. 29 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, she was startled to learn that it may not even be the person she thought it was. At first, her journey during this week’s episode involved her reaching out to her own biological father after noticing that Braeson was exhibiting some “daddy issues” and clinging onto any male figure that came into his life. And since Braeson’s own dad isn’t around, Brianna thought it’d be a good idea to reconnect with her own dad and bring a father figure back into their lives. However, when she called her dad, she got his voicemail, so she just left a message. At this time, it’s unclear whether or not he ever responded. But, when Brianna logged into her Facebook account, she received a startling message from a boy she went to school with in Chicago. Apparently, he had seen photos of Braeson online and thinks that he may be Braeson’s father. And because Brianna slept around a bit during a split with Danae — something she just admitted to her mom this week — this guy could be the father of Braeson. Guess it’s time for a DNA test!

Meanwhile, Kayla broke the news of her second pregnancy to Luke, and he seemed open to the idea of having a kid with her. But is he truly ready? He went out drinking for his 21st birthday and missed Kayla’s first ultrasound appointment because he was so hungover. Then again, Kayla also missed the appointment because she arrived too late. Get it together, guys!

Rachel is also pregnant and due to give birth any day now, but her family was forced to worry about her sister instead, this week. Malorie basically dumped her kid on her mom and sister and went out for a full night of partying. She said she’d be back in the morning, but she didn’t return until the next evening, during which Rachel and Malorie kept calling each other a “slut”.

Later, Kiaya questioned Teazha’s commitment to their relationship, when she discovered that Teazha was talking to a friend who previously urged Teazha to cheat on her. So they fought about that, but in the end, Teazha agreed to stop talking to the friend and put Kiaya first.

Finally, Ashley and Barr managed to pull off Holly‘s christening without any family feuds. Ashley’s mom also came face-to-face with Barr for the first time since he physically assaulted Ashley, but instead of fighting, she “made peace” with him and decided to move forward as a family for Holly’s sake. But Ashley still doesn’t know how she feels about having Barr in her life.

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