Dog The Bounty Hunter Pays Tribute To Late Wife Beth Chapman On Her 52nd Birthday

Dog the Bounty Hunter is remembering his late wife Beth Chapman in moving posts and videos on what would have been her 52nd birthday.

Duane and Beth Chapman
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Oct. 29 will always be a sad day for Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman. It’s the date of his late wife Beth‘s birth and there will be no more birthdays to celebrate with her, as she sadly passed away due to throat cancer on June 26. She would have turned 52 this year and Dog isn’t letting the day slip by without remembering the love of his life. He reposted two videos celebrating her, as well as a touching photo of the couple at their home in Hawaii.

The pic was actually posted by Beth on Feb. 8, 2019 from her Instagram account. It showed the pair on a balcony with palm trees behind them. Dog held on tight to Beth as he pulled her close by her arms and put his cheek against her head and seemed to be about to kiss his wife. She captioned the photo, “Sooooo in love with this guy!” Aww, no wonder Dog wanted to repost it on her birthday. What a beautiful memory.

Dog also reposted a video that WGN America — the network that carries Dog’s Most Wanted — put together showing what a bad ass Beth was. It included video of her putting bad guys in handcuffs, chasing down suspects and at the end she vows, “If I’m going to die, I’m going to die in my boots.” She continued filming the show with her husband while seeking alternative cancer treatments after deciding against chemo. “There will never be another like you. Happy birthday Beth! We ❤️you!” the network captioned the video.

As the series is currently airing, Beth’s cancer has been deemed incurable and it’s heartbreaking for fans to watch knowing the end is coming. In another WGN America promo that Dog reposted, it’s for the upcoming Oct. 30 episode and Beth is doing a confessional, telling the camera, “We’re just going to have fun and love each other and laugh along the way…and when it ends, it ends.” How gut wrenching! The network captioned the video, “This one’s for Beth.”


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