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Taylor Swift Trolls Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice’: I ‘Was Promised Blake Lively’ — Watch

Taylor Swift had some fun at Blake Shelton's expense when she appeared as mega mentor on 'The Voice.' She trolled him on social media, saying she was promised close pal Blake Lively.

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Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton
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Taylor Swift on The Voice was always going to be a huge experience, and she brought some humor along with her when she appeared on Oct. 28 as a mega mentor. Before the show, she did an Instagram story and Tweet alongside judge Blake Shelton, 43, saying “Here we are at The Voice,” while putting cat filters over both herself and the country star. He began to repeat what she said, then looked at her screen and said, “Oh my gosh, I even got the eyes,” and she added, “Yeah, you get mascara as a cat. That’s one of the perks of being a cat.” Then it was back to script, sort of.

“I’m here with Blake Lively and it’s a wonderful…oh it’s not Blake Lively,” she said panning the camera onto Blake, who raised his eyebrows playfully up to let everyone know he was okay with the joke. She even wrote on the video “I was promised Lively 🤷🏼‍♀️but Shelton is cool too. So excited to be on @nbcthevoice with @blakeshelton tonight at 8/7c!” Blake Lively is one of Taylor’s real life BFF’s, but it’s good to know she’s still okay with the other famous Blake.

Taylor in a taped promo appearance alongside Blake told him that she re-discovered an old diary recently from the days when she was trying to break into country music and she wrote, “‘I met Blake Shelton. He was so nice’ when I was 15,” to which he responded, “That must have been years ago if I was still nice back then.” “Yeah, I must not have understood humor. You were totally just making fun of me the whole time,” Tay joked while Blake playfully added, “This teenager’s never going to make it.” A year later the then-16-year-old’s self titled debut album dropped in 2006 and took the country world by storm.

Taylor appeared on the The Voice to work all of the judges’ contestants as a mega mentor. She also revealed she’s always been a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson, much to the shock of the “Love So Soft” singer. In a clip before the taping, Kelly gushed “Obviously Taylor is the best person to ask to do this show,” in a confessional then it cut to the ladies talking. Taylor told Kelly, “I remember going to see you in concert in 2005,” which left Kelly floored. “Oh yeah, I’m a full fan,” Taylor added. “That makes me feel talented cause you’re talented,” a blushing Kelly responded. She later in a confessional called it a “code freak out” moment to know that Taylor is a fan.