Rob Kardashian: Why Major Weight Loss May Not Mean His Diabetes Has Been ‘Reversed’ – Doctor Says

Rob Kardashian's weight has been cause for concern in recent years -- but a doctor says losing weight isn't necessarily a cure for his diabetes.

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Rob Kardashian
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Rob Kardashian, 32, was spotted looking slimmer at Kim Kardashian‘s 39th birthday — but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods when it comes to his health. The reality star has previously confirmed that he also suffers from Type 2 diabetes — meaning his blood sugar levels are high — and the condition can lead to life threatening issues like heart disease. We spoke to author of The Fat Loss Prescription and The Natural Way to Beat Diabetes Dr. Spencer Nadolsky about Rob’s condition further, and whether or not the disease is actually reversible. “First, I would make sure to differentiate between type one and type two diabetes as type two diabetes is the one that is reversible with lifestyle and more related to lifestyle in the first place. Potentially type two diabetes is reversible with improved lifestyle habits that help with weight loss,” Spencer, who is a certified family & obesity physician at Renaissance Periodization, tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Many physicians and researchers will argue over the term ‘reversible’ though. Many will say it is more in remission as opposed to reversed…Excess fat, especially the fat around your organs — including liver and pancreas — causes the metabolic disruptions. With extensive weight loss you can reverse the disruptions in some folks.”

At his peak, Rob confirmed he weighed 250 pounds — drastically larger than how fans of Keeping Up would remember the reality star in his younger years — and his weight has continued to dramatically fluctuate in recent years. Rob was originally diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic in 2015, but was hospitalized that December after not taking his insulin. Though changes to his diet and exercise are likely to help with his condition, which he says he reversed in 2016, it’s important to note there are no guarantees. “It will depend on how well their pancreas is working afterwards. Some who have had diabetes for a long time may not be able to reverse it,” Spencer added, also noting that staying the same weight and a proper sleep schedule are helpful when it comes to tackling diabetes.

“It is not always reversible,” Spencer notes. “Those who have had type two diabetes for longer will likely struggle to reverse it. It has to do with how much of their pancreas they have left to help produce insulin. Some may lose an extensive amount of weight and still not resolve their blood sugars…[Diabetes] could come and go depending on your lifestyle habits and weight and depending on how you define it with blood sugars or other labs.”

As we’ve previously reported, Rob’s lifestyle changes have been largely inspired by his 2-year-old daughter Dream, whom he shares with ex Blac Chyna. While Type 2 diabetes may seem like a minor health issue to some, the longterm effects can be deadly, leading to issues like heart disease later on. “The most concerning chronic disease is cardiovascular and other atherosclerotic disease,” Spencer explains. “Retinopathy and blindness are always a concern of course and nephropathy and kidney disease too. Losing limbs is also a possibility, as well.” Dream may also be at risk for the disease given its hereditary nature. Rob is definitely looking happier and healthier these days, and it certainly seems like he’s in a better place!