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Kate Beckinsale Is Convinced She’s Ryan Reynolds’ Twin: ‘I Look Exactly’ Like Him – Watch

Kate Beckinsale thinks she looks just like Ryan Reynolds and won't be convinced otherwise! The actress shared the revelation with Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious new interview.

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Kate Beckinsale46, has a celebrity twin — and his name is Ryan Reynolds, 42. The Underworld actress sat down with Jimmy Fallon, 45, on Oct. 20 where she told The Tonight Show host about the startling resemblance. “I look exactly like Ryan Reynolds,” Kate told Jimmy after he prompted her with the question. “Like in a shocking way. Sometimes I see a bus going by with a poster and I think ‘Damn I look hot. Oh, wait, it’s not me.'” But Jimmy was in total disbelief. The SNL alum brought up two side-by-side images of Kate and Ryan, and Kate couldn’t believe Jimmy didn’t see it.

With the close-up of the pics, Kate pointed out, “it’s weird, right?” To which Jimmy still wasn’t wholly convinced. “I don’t really see it,” he confessed. Of course, this has been a major existential crisis of sorts for Kate. “He’s like a big Canadian man!” Kate shared, shocked by her own resemblance to the Deadpool actor, even sharing she can really “see myself in him.” Kate’s even superstitious about the resemblance, claiming that if they were both in the same room one of them would “explode!”

If anything, Ryan should totally take Kate’s claim as a major complement. The actress has been showing off her toned body and ageless beauty for months. On April 4, the actress took to Instagram for a makeup-free selfie and looked more like she was 45 going on 25! “Mens sana in corpore sano,” the actress captioned the post in Latin, which roughly translates to “A sound mind in a sound body.” However, Kate had her own translation of the phrase: “Or as we modify it in Chiswick, ‘clean bum clean conscience.’”

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When she wasn’t wowing fans on Instagram, Kate had a short lived fling with SNL funny guy Pete Davidson, 25. The duo split after three months of dating by the end of April and Kate seems to be doing just fine, while her ex just split from Fosse/Verdon star Margaret Qualley. Kate has a slew of projects lined up in the future, but none of them have yet to include her celebrity twin, Ryan Reynolds. So, can we get this movie at some point? Fans can surely hope!