Chris Brown & Ammika Harris Appear To Be Back Together As Pregnancy Rumors Swirl — See Receipts

Beginning on Oct. 9, there has been a surge of new evidence to suggest Chris Brown has romantically reunited with his 'babe,' Ammika Harris. Receipt No. 1 -- Ammika's face was spray painted right onto the side of Breezy's tour bus!

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Chris Brown, Ammika Harris
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Thanks to unconfirmed pregnancy reports that first surfaced in June 2019, there has been confusion as to whether or not Chris Brown, 30, and Ammika Harris, 26, are actually dating again. Now that we’re midway into October, new evidence shows that Breezy and Ammika are definitely in one another’s lives — and we’re here to break down these developments! Chris’ grandest gesture was having a picture of Ammika’s face —  inspired by her Sept. 22 Instagram post — spray painted right onto the side of his tour bus during a pit stop in San Antonio, TX! Chris revealed the gigantic mural to his Instagram Story on Oct. 9, writing, “WE GONE FLIP DIS BUS 🔥.” Ammika was highly flattered, because she reposted the art to her Instagram Story as well and wrote, “AMAZING…Literally blushing right now.”

To serve as extra confirmation that Ammika is somehow involved in Chris’ IndiGOAT TOUR, Instagram fan account @teamchrika posted an alleged video of Ammika (her back was turned to the camera) walking Chris’ dog, Buttercup, at what appeared to be the backstage of a concert on Oct. 12. The Instagram Story clip was sourced from @bri.ellee, the account of Ammika’s friend! On that same day, Chris performed at a concert in Sacramento, CA on Oct. 12.

A day after the concert, Ammika shared a pretty selfie (belly hidden) and one follower claimed to have seen a pregnant Ammika. “Y’all she is pregnant!! I saw her when she was leaving the mix booth!!! They just tryna milk the situation to get her damn followers up! 🙄,” the Instagram user wrote, but Ammika clapped back: “followers up? SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT REAL LIFE!”

Although it remains unclear if Ammika is actually carrying Chris’ second child, a baby boy (as a report from August alleged), they’re not being discreet about their affection for one another. Chris bombarded Ammika with compliments after she revealed an impressive acrylic painting of an anime girl on Oct. 11, an Ammika original! “YOU ARE SO DOPE ❤️🥰,” Chris raved in one comment, and gushed in another, “bout time u started painting again. NOW MY PARTNER IN CRIME IS BACK👽🥰.” He even called Ammika his “babe” — in all caps — after declaring how proud he was in a third comment.

Ammika Harris
Ammika Harris claps back at a rumor about her alleged pregnancy on Oct. 13, 2019. (Courtesy Of Instagram/@ammikaaa)

While it may be easy to conclude that Chris and Ammika are a couple, there has been some uncertainty, since Chris kissed his backup dancer mid-performance at a Detroit concert on Sept. 30. He also left a flirty comment under a lingerie photo of his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, on Sept. 19. Regardless, it’s obvious that Chris and Ammika are at least on very good terms! They were first linked together in 2015, and romance rumors swirled again after their trip to Paris in Jan. 2019. However, Chris was later rumored to be dating model Indyamarie Pelton, 25, by April, until the first report of Ammika’s alleged pregnancy broke about two months later.