Ariana Grande Covers Kylie Jenner’s Now-Viral Wake-Up Song For Stormi & Kylie Is Here For It

Get ready for your new favorite song: ‘Rise And Shine’ by Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande. After Kylie’s singing to Stormi Webster went viral, Ariana covered the sweet track, and Kylie’s already planning the music video!

“Old Town Road” is old news. “Senorita” has lost a little of its sizzle. “Truth Hurts” … is still a jam, but the new song that has everyone going wild is “Rise And Shine,” by Kylie Jenner, of all people. The 22-year-old makeup mogul showed off her vocal range during a virtual tour of Kylie Cosmetics’ office by singing Stormi Webster, 1, awake. Those three words took the Internet by storm, and everyone remixed, reworked and covered Kylie’s “Rise And Shine” song – including Ariana Grande! Ariana, 26, posted a clip of her singing those words to her Instagram Stories on Oct. 16. “@KylieJenner, can I sample?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, you can, @ArianaGrande,” the billionaire replied while sharing the clip to her Instagram Stories. However, Kylie had one stipulation before granting clearance to the sample: “As long as I’m in the music video…” Well, if these two are serious, Kylie will both be in the video and on the track. Expect “Rise & Shine,” by Ariana Grande (ft. Kylie Jenner) to hit No. 1 of the Billboard 100 (which, at the moment, is the position held by “Highest In The Room,” the latest song from Kylie’s ex, Travis Scott.)

Judging by the reaction from the KyHards, Ariana would be foolish not to turn this meme into another No. 1 hit. “Honestly… who needs therapy when you can just watch that 3-second video of Kylie Jenner singing ‘rise and shine’ over and over and laugh each time.” “Alexa, play ‘Rise And Shine’ by Kylie Jenner.” “Can’t believe “Rise and Shine” by Kylie Jenner is up for a Grammy! She deserves this.” “listening to the Kylie Jenner rise and shine video for the fifteenth time. The song has restored my strength.” One other fan jokingly(?) suggested that Kylie Jenner had a more significant cultural impact than The Beatles.

Though, if Kylie and Ariana collaborate, it wouldn’t be the first time that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s voice appeared on a track. Her voice appeared on the outro of Travis Scott’s “Watch” in 2018. Though the track featured Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert, fans were more enthralled by what sounded like Kylie’s voice on the closing seconds of the song. “We got bust down Rollies, bust down Rollies / And I told him I wanted to have a bust down baby.” Well, Kylie’s “bust down baby” could possibly lead her to a chart-topping hit.

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