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Katy Perry Fulfills Her ‘Baywatch’ Fantasy By Rocking Red Swimsuit In New ‘Harleys in Hawaii’ Video

It’s time to suit up and ride. Katy Perry just dropped her new song, ‘Harleys In Hawaii,’ and it's a jam. The video is just as steamy. Katy does her best Pam Anderson impression in a skin-tight red one-piece.

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Hawaii is truly a paradise for Katy Perry, especially when she has Orlando Bloom by her side. The 34-year-old singer released “Harleys In Hawaii” on Oct. 16, a single based on a sweet moment shared between her and Orlando, 34, while zooming around Oahu. The track — co-written and co-produced by Charlie Puth, who worked with her on “Small Talk” — is a sensual jam that has Katy pour her heart out for her bae. “Boy, tell me can you take my breath away,” she sings. “Cruising down a heart-shaped highway / Got you swerving lane to lane / Don’t hit the brakes / ‘Cause I’m feeling so safe / … You and I / I Riding Harleys in Hawaii-ai / I’m on the back I’m holding tight-ai / Want you to take me for a ride, ride.”

The video is just as steamy as the track. In the clip, a blonde Katy sings karaoke in a motorcycle bar. She rocks a sizzling red one-piece swimsuit while making out with her honey on the beach. When she gets her motorcycle hunk alone, she strips down to next-to-nothing for a different kind of ride. Hot. While it’s not Orlando in the video (unless he decided to grow a brown beard and get a bunch of new tattoos?), it’s a captivating piece of art inspired by a moment between him and Katy.

For the single’s cover art, Katy raided the wardrobe of Poison Ivy of The Cramps for a retro-inspired pinup. The clashing prints – she wore a floral bodysuit and zebra-striped boots – popped against the pink background. Her hair and styling invoked Betty Draper from Mad Men feel. This artwork continued the ‘60s mod theme she displayed on her previous single, “Small Talk,” but things got a little She-Devils on Wheels in the Instagram art she uploaded on Oct. 15. “Tomorrow, we ride,” she captioned the shot of her, decked out in a fringed leather jacket while racing alongside the Hawaiian landscape. Earlier in the summer, Katy was spotted with long blonde hair and a Baywatch-esque one-piece swimsuit, leading some to wonder if she was shooting a music video.


While the title track “Harleys in Hawaii” might images of badass babes and bikes on the beach, the song was inspired by something sweeter: a fond memory of her time on the island with Orlando Bloom. Katy revealed on the Zach Sang Show in July that the song was inspired when she and Orlando were out in Hawaii while shooting for American Idol. “We rented a Harley because we were just there for a few days,” she said on the Zach Sang Show in July. “You know, be on the back of a motorcycle in Hawaii and just let the air flow on your face.”

“It’s so beautiful. It was awesome, but I can remember specifically where I was, the street corner I was at in Oahu and turning that corner and, like, whispering to Orlando, going ‘I’m going to write a song called ‘Harleys In Hawaii,’ “ she added. “And, I did.”

“Harleys in Hawaii” is the third single from Katy’s upcoming and currently untitled sixth studio album. She previously released “Never Really Over,” and the previously mentioned, “Small Talk.” Those two singles will be released on vinyl in honor of Record Store Day’s Black Friday.