‘RHOC’: Tamra & Braunwyn Make Out At Shannon’s Birthday Party & Vicki Calls Braunwyn ‘Trash’

Tamra Judge and Braunwyn Windham-Burke took their crushes on each other to a whole new level during the Oct. 15 episode of 'RHOC'.

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For Shannon’s birthday, the ladies celebrated with a trip on a train to Del Mar, where Shannon’s goal was to find a man to kiss. However, she wasn’t the only one doing some lip locking during the Oct. 15 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra and Braunwyn’s flirtation finally came to a boil this week, when — after many discussions about threesomes — they engaged in a hot makeout session at a very public restaurant. They even used tongue, as former housewife Meghan King Edmonds pointed out that they were “french kissing”!

Later, after a few of the ladies ended up falling over and rolling on the floor of the restaurant, everyone went dancing. But Vicki left pretty quickly because she couldn’t put up with Braunwyn’s “dirty dancing”. Vicki told Gina that Braunwyn is “trash”, and she later told someone else that Braunwyn is “classless”. And it’s probably a good thing that Vicki left when she did because after she departed, Braunwyn was seen straddling Tamra in a booth and nuzzling her breasts. Kelly‘s nipples also popped out of her strapless top, but fortunately for her, Bravo censored them so viewers couldn’t see.

Meanwhile, Gina avoided Emily throughout most of the trip to Del Mar, following the awkward date she was almost set up on, but after a bit of arguing, they finally hashed things out. Emily made it clear that she loved Gina and would never intentionally set her up with a man who had a girlfriend — she claimed that she had no idea Shane‘s cousin was dating someone, and if she had, she would have never tried setting him up with Gina. And Gina told Emily that she believed her, but she still had a right to be upset — and that didn’t mean she was going to abandon Emily long-term, she just needed time to deal with her feelings.

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