Kyle Richards Teases Brandi Glanville & Kim Richards’ Return To ‘RHOBH’ During Season 10: ‘Stay Tuned’

What’s in store for ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?’ It might be a family affair, according to Kyle Richards, who tells us EXCLUSIVELY that some familiar faces might pop up on Season 10.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Kate Somerville Clinic

All hail the last OG. With Lisa Vanderpump’s departure from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards, 50, is the last original RHOBH cast member standing. Camille Grammer, 51, is out, but don’t think there won’t be any drama on Season 10 of the show. In addition to Garcelle Beauvais, 52, and Stutton Stracke joining the cast, longtime fans might catch a cameo from Brandi Glanville, 46, or Kyle’s sister (and fellow RHOBH OG) Kim Richards, 55.

Kim dished about the upcoming season with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at The Kate Somerville Clinic Celebrates 15 Years on Melrose party in West Hollywood on Oct. 10. She also spoke about how the RHOBH cast welcomed the new stars, what other changes fans can expect in the new season, and how things are going to be different now that LVP is no longer there.

HollywoodLife: How’s it going?

Kyle Richards: It’s been good. Really busy shooting Halloween and Housewives at the same time. It’s been a little bit challenging, but it’s been amazing.

How has it been with Sutton and Garcelle?

Great! It’s great. I think they’re great additions to the show and per usual, a lot of different personalities there so — We shall see!

Are we going to have some good drama?

Oh, always. Always!

What kind of changes are we going to see without Lisa there?

It’s been — Like I said, I’m shooting the movie and shooting the show at the same — I’m literally going back and forth, and 100 times I’m going back and forth and just carrying on. Business as usual.

Will fans still be excited?

Oh yeah, absolutely. For sure, yeah.

What’s it like working with Jaime Lee again?

It’s been amazing. She’s amazing. It’s really exciting to be shooting the movie and bringing back my role of Lindsey and being back in Haddonfield so it’s been really exciting and just loving acting, and I’m really liking it a lot. I’m having the best time.

Courtesy of Kate Somerville Clinic

What’s it like having a pregnant Housewife on the show now?

It’s our first Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills baby! It’s great! It’s so fun. We’re all excited. We all feel like we’re a big part of it. It’s very exciting.

Did you welcome the new ladies with open arms, or was it a little hard for you guys?

No, for me, anytime someone joins, I’m like, “Great, let’s do this!” so I welcome them. Like everyone, I always do that. I know it’s very scary for someone to join the show and especially because some of us have been there for so long. Most of us now have been there for quite a long time. This is my tenth year, so it’s a bit crazy!

What’s it like being the only OG left?

It’s just — I don’t know — I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest. I haven’t really thought of it like that. I used to think I’d only do 5 years, and then it was 9, and I was like, “Well, I can’t not do 10!” I like even numbers!

Will we see Brandi and Kim pop up again?


Well, that’s a nice little tease!

Yeah, potentially! Stay tuned!